• Using the Maintenance Checklist in ProDemand

    Using the Maintenance Checklist in ProDemand — Don’t Forget to Add the Mileage! ProDemand includes many useful features to save you time. One of those features is the ability to print off a maintenance checklist so that as you are performing the maintenance services on a vehicle, you can simply read down through the printed checklist […]

  • Using the SureTrack Tab in ProDemand

    Using the SureTrack Tab in ProDemand As you are using ProDemand, you may have noticed the SureTrack tab that populates after completing a 1Search for your selected vehicle. If you’ve been hesitant to click on the tab, you shouldn’t be – SureTrack offers valuable real-world content to help you diagnose even the most difficult codes and symptoms. SureTrack […]

  • Where to Find ECM Connector Views

    Where to Find ECM (Electronic Control Module) Connector Views In my role as the ProDemand Trainer, I have the chance to talk to many new customers to help them get up and running smoothly with ProDemand. Lately, one of the questions I’ve heard frequently is, “How do I find the connector end views for the ECM in ProDemand?”  To answer […]

  • Have You Attended ProDemand Training Yet?

    Have You Attended ProDemand Training Yet? If you answered “no,” here’s another questions for you: Are you using all the features in ProDemand? If that’s another “no” answer, then you owe it to yourself to attend ProDemand training. Whether you’re just getting started with the product, need a refresher or just want to become more […]

  • Handy Info for Code Lookups

    Handy Info for Code Lookups At Mitchell1, we pride ourselves in bringing OEM information from multiple sources to your fingertips in an easy-to-use platform. With 26 different OEMs to pull information from, the formatting is often varies a bit between different manufacturers. And sometimes, a manufacturer will even change a lookup for the same vehicle but different model years! With […]

  • A Quick Look Inside ProDemand

    A Quick Look Inside ProDemand When you get a new electronic device, do you read the manual first, or just start using it? I know that I, for one, always start using it right way, without reading the manual. In fact, I only read the manual if I get stuck and can’t figure out how […]

  • Ready, Set, Go….Getting Started with ProDemand

    Ready, Set, Go….Tips for Getting Started with ProDemand Have you ever found yourself using software for the first time and not knowing where to begin?  I had a recent experience with my new smartphone. Upon opening the package, my initial reaction was frustration. After I read through the getting started guide for the phone, I was off and […]

  • How To: Setting Up Users in SureTrack

    How To: Setting Up Users in SureTrack Did you know that you can set up multiple user profiles in SureTrack? Consider your ProDemand repair application as a shop tool used by the entire shop and SureTrack as a technician’s tool where you have your own presence in the community. You can use SureTrack without logging […]

  • ProDemand Training Video – Maintenance

    ProDemand Training Video – Maintenance Watch this ProDemand™ training video to learn how to quickly access scheduled services by mileage intervals, indicator services and/or timed intervals. Click here for more training videos. Click here to sign up for an interactive ProDemand training workshop. Click here for more information on ProDemand.