Integrated Payment Processing

Reduce errors and save time by processing credit and debit card payments directly from Mitchell 1’s shop management software. Manager™ SE includes integrated credit card processing from Global Payments Integrated.

The integrated payment solution helps customers work smarter, not harder. It provides a secure, efficient solution for all payment and electronic processing operations that will help you save time, reduce your workload and boost your shop’s efficiency.

Seamless Integration with Manager SE

With Global Payments in the management software, payment processing has never been easier. Processing credit card payments within Manager SE is fast, easy and secure — you never have to move between the shop management system and the credit card payment software/terminal. This seamless integration reduces double entry, costly errors and reconciliation times.

Streamlined Customer Experience

By using a single integrated system, you’ll also speed up the payment process for customers, giving them a better experience and one more reason to return to your shop. At the same time, you increase accuracy and reduce your electronic payment costs.

Rapid Authorization Times; Automated Card Updates

Authorization happens through your Internet connection, so there’s no more waiting for a dial-up connection before your payments are processed. This method can cut processing time down to 3-5 seconds. In addition, lost, stolen or expired cards are automatically updated to reduce declines.