Grow your customer base by improving your online presence

Your online presence is a critical element of your success.  Not only is it how most new customers find you, but it also helps you build your brand and expand your selling and marketing opportunities. An optimized business website is at the center of successful marketing efforts and perhaps the most important tool you have to bring in new and repeat business. Here’s the good news; you don’t have to be a marketing expert to have a professional and effective online presence.

The SocialCRM auto repair marketing service can help you improve your local online presence and grow your customer base with services that include professional business website creation, online paid ads, tracking website visits, collecting Google reviews and much more.

Professional Business Website: A website is where you can connect with online visitors to share your shop’s story and let everyone know about your excellent auto repair expertise and customer service. If your shop doesn’t have a website, or your website is out of date, you are missing out on potential business.

Tracking & Reporting: Getting visitors to your website is important, but it’s just as important to understand how they got to your site. Tracking website traffic can help you learn more about your visitors’ behaviors and interests and reveals trends regarding how they got to your site. Reporting on data such as organic search results, effectiveness of paid ads and social media referrals will help manage your business for long-term success.

Call Tracking: Use unique local phone numbers to help measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Easily compare phone traffic from your marketing campaigns, monitor keyword searches and listen to recorded calls to gain insight as to what’s working for your business.

Build your brand with every email you send

Custom Domain Email Addresses

Give your business a professional upgrade with a custom domain email address to match your LocalSearch website domain — and send the message that your auto repair shop is a professional, well-established business. Turn your email address into a valuable tool to market your shop. With every email you send, you set your shop apart from the competition and build your brand recognition.

Put the Google Optimization Suite to work for you

Leverage the power of customer reviews to rank higher on Google!

NEW! Google Campaigns: Google Campaigns from SureCritic makes it a breeze to boost your shop’s online presence through automated content creation and promotion to cost-effectively compete with major corporate brands.  With Google Campaigns, you can easily create and post content in real-time to your Google Business Profile and Facebook page, such as offers and announcements with publish start and end dates. You can also promote positive customer reviews on your Google Business Profile or other social sites with a click of a button.

Google ReScore: Google ReScore® empowers shop owners to transform those not-so-great reviews into positive customer experiences. Using the SureCritic review service, shops can now easily link to their Google My Business page to create a seamless connection for managing their Google reviews directly through their SureCritic dashboard. Shop owners are able to respond to every Google review. If they get a bad one, they can send a ReScore request directly to the customer, asking them for an updated review. Once the updated review is received, the new review will replace the bad review online.

Google Reviews: Google is the number one search engine, and Google reviews are crucial for maximizing internet visibility for your auto repair shop. These reviews are also a great way to get customer feedback so you can better understand your strengths and where you can improve. LocalSearch allows you to send your customers a personal invitation via text message to review your shop on Google and Facebook. These reviews complement the verified SureCritic reviews acquired through the SocialCRM service.

Take your online presence to the next level with Google Ads

Now that you have your online presence established, take your website tracking and online search to the next level, too.

Beat out your competition and increase your opportunity to reach potential customers who are looking for the services you provide. Our Google AdWords service provides you with a solution to improve your shop’s visibility on the Internet and to increase your website traffic, helping you gain new customers.

Grow your business the modern way. Get a free guided demonstration and learn how SocialCRM can automate your customer outreach.