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The Difference

scrm-handshake3117aMarketing Tools That Can Make a Difference

Great marketing is the difference between a business that thrives and one that sinks because it is overshadowed by competitors. Mitchell 1 has the answer to this problem. There are four things that your business needs to do well in order to keep up in this day and age of high tech habits. Let us take you to the next level of auto repair marketing.

Wow Them

scrm-handshake3117aWow Your Customers

From the time a prospective customer arrives on your shop’s home page, your website only has about 30 seconds to convince them to stay longer. Today, the majority of customers rely on the Internet to find automotive service providers. Once they land on your website, you then have to wow them into believing that they don’t need to look elsewhere. Your shop is awesome. You know it, but does your website also show it? This is why marketing your repair shop is of utmost importance.

Your Credibility

scrm-handshake3117aBuild Your Credibility

Just as a shop with broken windows and misspelled words on the outside does not give a good first impression, your website also needs to represent you well. What buttons, key words, images, and icons communicate to a customer that you are not just professional, but competent? The customer is deciding whether to entrust their car to you. Your website should make them feel confident in your professional expertise.

Shop Visability

scrm-handshake3117aMeet Your Customers Where They Spend Most of Their Time

Smartphones have changed the way people receive information, whether it be news, entertainment or great deals. If your shop is unable to establish its presence online and on social media such as Facebook and Twitter, then you are fighting an uphill battle against your competitors. Mitchell 1’s Web and social media services will give you peace of mind that your customers will find your business in the vast expanse of the Internet.

Keep In touch

scrm-handshake3117aKeep in Touch With Customers

So you did a great job fixing their car. But will they remember you the next time something breaks down? Or will they go another shop that is more convenient or that gave them a better deal? Keeping in touch with your customers helps you become a part of their lives. By sending emails and posting on social media, you stay engaged with them. Sending them seasonal greetings, useful reminders and discounts will help foster loyalty.

  • SocialCRM

    Shop Marketing

    Grow your business by automating your marketing, reputation management, social media and customer communication efforts.
    • Text Messaging
    • Reputation management
    • Verified customer reviews
    • Automated target market campaigns
    • Mobile-friendly email marketing
    • Social media marketing
    • Internet search optimization

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  • LocalSearch

    Business Website

    Attract new customers and improve your online visibility with a professional business website, call tracking services and more helpful online reviews.
    • Optimized professional website
    • Improved brand awareness
    • Advanced website traffic tracking
    • Powerful dashboard reporting
    • Search engine optimization strategies
    • Social media links including Facebook, Twitter and Google+
    • Phone call tracking
    • Increased volume and management of Google and Facebook reviews

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  • LocalSearch + Google Ads

    Paid Search Advertising

    Reach new customers through paid search advertising or improve the performance of your current online ads with this full-service Google Ads digital marketing program.
    • Ad extension creation
    • Customized for your business
    • Demographic targeting
    • Bid adjustments
    • Phone call tracking
    • Extensive reporting
    • Efficient Online ad budget management
    • Ongoing support

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