Manager SE Truck Edition Offers Complete Shop Management Tools For Class 4-8 Trucks

Your truck repair shop is a busy place and with so much going on, staying on top of it all can be quite a challenge. Manager™ SE Truck Edition truck shop management software allows you to take full control over your business, giving you full visibility into each aspect of your shop.

Mitchell 1 has over 20 years of expertise in developing high quality shop management solutions. You can count on our time-tested truck shop management software to help you streamline repair processes, improve shop communication, engage with customers, track performance, and even increase revenue per repair order. Imagine how much more efficiently you could run your repair shop with a complete view into each phase of your operation. From your front office all the way back to the bays, you’ll see it all with Manager SE Truck Edition.

Product Highlights

NEW! Time Management: Our innovative Time Management tool provides full visibility into technicians’ clocked hours, tracking the actual hours spent on each labor item and automatically producing productivity statistics. An optional employee Shift Clock tracks employee hours, enabling staff to clock in/out for work shifts on their mobile devices. Time management details are presented in a secure, intuitive dashboard. Read more in this blog post: Time Manager Brings Tools for Managers & Technicians

NEW! Shop Reports: Shop owners want to track how the shop day is progressing while they are away. Now they can, using the new Shop Reports feature. These reports can be viewed with filters (date range, tech name, etc.) through their ProDemand® repair information screen in an internet browser.

Service Writer Tools: Our Manager SE Truck Edition software doesn’t just help you sort through what’s happening in your auto shop, it also helps you engage with your customers more effectively. Get the most out of customer interactions with the powerful service writer tools built right into the shop management system. Our truck shop management software comes with Customer Snapshot, a special feature that includes the customer’s invoices, credit status, as well as lifetime spent and history of vehicle repairs at your shop.

Fast and Accurate Estimating: If you already love the labor estimating tools in TruckLabor, you’ll love how it integrates seamlessly with Manager SE Truck Edition. If you’re looking to truly streamline your truck repair shop workflow, then add TruckLabor to your shop management system. This estimating module of TruckSeries will contribute to increased efficiency from estimate to invoice.

Plate to VIN Decoding: Manager SE Truck Edition can also help you get vital vehicle information quicker than ever before with the convenient VIN decoding feature. Just enter the vehicle’s license plate into the system and Manager SE Truck Edition decodes the VIN for you. Important information about the vehicle, including the type of engine, service history, and customer account details, will all be right there at your fingertips.

NEW! Multi-Vendor Part Catalogs: Manager SE now supports new catalog options that can display multiple parts vendors in a customizable view. With PartsTech or Nexpart Multi-Seller, you’ll save significant time locating and ordering parts for your customers. Manager SE automatically generates a purchase order for every part purchased (even from different suppliers) electronically through the system.

Marketing Data: Our truck shop management software lets you know where your customers come from by tracking the initial source of a customer visit, sales connected to current advertising campaigns, and referrals from customers. These marketing insights will go a long way in saving you money and helping you to maximize your marketing budget.

Symptom Diagnostic Wizard: Utilizing Mitchell 1’s extensive symptom and diagnostic task database, you can create work orders for customers in a single click, based on their descriptions of the symptoms.

TruckSeries Integration: Manager SE Truck Edition is specifically designed to work in tandem with TruckSeries, Mitchell 1’s truck repair information software suite for medium and heavy trucks. TruckSeries provides the fastest, most complete and accurate information required to estimate labor times, diagnose and repair all makes of Class 4-8 trucks – from a single application.

Data Protection: Don’t worry about losing all your important shop and customer information if a computer fails. The Manager SE Truck Edition truck shop management system automatically backs up all of your data to a secure remote location. In the event of a disaster, we can have you back in business later that same day.

Manager SE/ TruckEdition FAQs

What does Manager SE TruckEdition do?

Manager™ SE Truck Edition truck shop management software puts the full control of your business in your hands. Years of innovation and proven technology with our time-tested truck shop management software will help you streamline repair processes, improve shop communication, engage with customers, track performance metrics and even increase revenue per each repair order. Imagine the possibilities and how much more efficiently you could run your repair shop with a complete view into each phase of your business.

Why Do I need Truck Shop Management?

Making your shop more efficient and bringing in more customers with quicker return times and fewer comebacks is the name of the game. With Manager SE Truck Edition at your side, the tools inside this software can help you use your valuable time to its full potential all with the help of Mitchell 1’s tried and proven software.

What is the difference between Manager SE and Manager SE Truck Edition?

Similar to our Manager SE software for auto vehicles, Manager SE Truck Edition adds specially designed features and functionality for independent commercial truck service locations.