Customer Testimonials


“ProDemand is so easy to navigate. Our technicians can get around the program and find the information they want quickly, so they don’t need to spend all day at the computer. We also really like the electrical diagrams in ProDemand. The detailed pictures are not only thorough and relevant to the vehicle you’re working on, but they’re also accurate – and that’s very important when it comes to electrical repairs.”

– Nate Nutter, Service & Parts Director
Integrity Ford, Paulding, OH

“The new search functionality in ProDemand – 1Search – automatically puts everything my techs need right there. They enter what they’re looking for and BOOM, it’s there.”

– Paul Lannon, Owner
Paul’s Automotive, Baltimore, MD

“The best thing about ProDemand is the ease of use. I’m able to quickly find what I’m looking for because the information in ProDemand is laid out the way I think, not the way some IT guy thinks. And having the TSBs and Recalls right where I need them has helped me diagnose issues that other shops have missed. That has actually brought in new business and helped improve our customer base.”

– Gary Yoas, Shop Manager
Adolph’s Towing & Auto, Flat Rock, MI

“ProDemand saves me a lot of time and effort — it’s awesome. I can quickly find the information I need to write my estimates with accurate labor times and parts pricing. Our techs use the repair information and wiring diagrams, and everything is right there where they need it. Searching in ProDemand is self-explanatory, so it’s easy to find component locations to diagnose and repair a vehicle.”

– Chuck Cercone, Co-Owner
Fox’s Automotive Service & Repair

“The first car I entered into SureTrack is a car we’ve been having a problem with. I immediately found information on SureTrack that was not available from other sources. A few years ago I truly thought you had to have an O.E. scan tool to fix new cars. You’ve proven me wrong and it’s nice to see from an independents shop’s view. Thank you very much.”

– Matt Lange
Franklin Automotive & Restoration, Franklin WI

“ProDemand is more efficient… I spend less time entering information. I don’t have to repeat lookups… enter it once and you’re done.”

– Dennis Clark, Owner
Carlsbad Automotive Technology, Carlsbad, CA

“We’re much better equipped with ProDemand. Having the community of pros available gives us more capability.”

– Randy Waitman, President
Rae Automotive Services, Ramona, CA

“ProDemand cuts the time we spend searching drastically. My techs find information faster and are more productive.”

– Eldon Dunn, Owner
Poway Transmissions, Poway, CA


Manager SE

“Whether you’re a single bay or 12-bay shop, you can use Manager SE to go as deep as you need, or just use the features on the surface. With Manager, I have my thumb on the pulse of the repair from beginning to end. Being able to order parts online is a huge timesaver, and managing parts so much more efficiently helps us be more profitable.”

– Ric Morin, Owner
Motorcar Alternatives, Hooksett, NH

“There are many features of the Mitchell 1 Manager software that stand out. The creation of canned jobs and building parts kits make completing an estimate or repair order a breeze. This feature takes the guesswork out of creating the order and is a great time saver. We have also found that the reports are extremely useful in giving a clear picture of the business — where the profits are highest and where adjustments need to be made. Mitchell 1 software has enabled us to stay ahead of the quickly changing auto repair business.”

– Samuel W. Concelman, Jr., Owner
Glenshaw Auto Service, Glenshaw, PA

“The biggest impact of Manager SE has been in the office, with the ability to keep my gross profit margins where they have to be. Manager SE also allows us to quickly put together accurate, reliable estimates that I have confidence presenting to the customer.”

– Paul Lannon, Owner
Paul’s Automotive, Baltimore, MD


Manager SE Truck Edition

“We started with hand-written invoices. Now we’re using the Truck Edition shop management system which is perfect because it’s now integrated with our big trucks. The reporting system is also very helpful. I can break it down by individual technician – what their billable hours are, what their actual hours are, what we’ve actually written service-wise. It helps me make sure that everything is tracked properly. It’s made our lives much easier.”

– Junior Schuman, Shop Manager
American Diesel, Murrieta, CA


Shop Management Workshop

“As a new user to Mitchell, this training program was very helpful. I learned a lot to take back with me.”

– Ryan Kerzner, Office Manager
K&M Truck Repair, Ronkonkoma, NY

“Really enjoyed the instructor and the environment. Great way to meet other folks in the industry and share tips and ideas.”

– Inan Torres
Tecnicentro Automotriz, Inc., Chicago, IL

“Excellent workshop! Tim and team were great. Very impressed and will look forward to send management to this program.”

– Kelsey Gary, President
KG Truck & Auto, Inc., Glen Burnie, MD

“This was great! The whole Mitchell 1 team is amazing. The workshop and amenities were outstanding. Thank you!”

– Marc Mulli, Instructor/Shop Manager
Rosedale Technical Institute, Pittsburg, PA

“A must for any shop owner, manager, or office personnel! Even the most experienced and well-versed user will learn something. Excellent instructors who really care about the program.”

– Matthew Lachowitzer, Owner
Matt’s Automotive Service Center, LLC, Moorhead, MN

“A lot of very useful information that will increase efficiency and profits.”

– Rob Burris, Shop Manager
Fast Eddie Hot Rod Shop, Lamar, MO

“I loved that the teachers were actually programmers involved in developing the software so they knew the program intimately, yet they still had the business experience to know how to make it all relevant to us.”

– Daina Kringlen, Owner/Office Manager
OK Wheel & Brake, Choctaw, OK

“Everything was great – will be sending other employees!”

– Cathy Kulp, Owner
M&M General Repair, Bowmansville, PA



“I try to respond to all of my reviews, but, it does take time. Mitchell 1’s new automated response feature definitely saves me time! And, its really easy to use. I just read my review, click the response button and the system creates a response for me. I think that’s pretty great. I especially like that I can edit each response before I publish it. That allows me to add my own personal touch to each response.”

– Reggie McNeal, Owner
RMC Automotive Specialties, Oceanside, CA

“In just a few years, we’ve been able to increase the number of customer reviews from a couple dozen total, to over 290 positive reviews. And these reviews stay where they can be seen. The SocialCRM service makes it so much easier for happy customers to post a review, so more of them are taking the time to share their positive experiences.”

– Mary Button, Co-owner
AJ Foreign Auto, Ithaca, NY

“Since we implemented the SocialCRM service, we’ve gotten more than 140 positive reviews in less than a year! We love the SureCritic review system and seeing all the nice things people have to say about us.”

– Pilar Walton, Office Manager
Dave’s Garage, South Bend, IN

“Our SocialCRM support agent is great — she creates the promotional marketing emails that I’ve chosen, and turns everything around quickly. The SocialCRM program is a nice complement to our Web marketing efforts. We use the metrics to maximize our visibility and track traffic to understand how our customers are finding us, whether through the website or from our stores. The reports are very helpful to see what the SocialCRM system is capturing with regard to our performance, and the dashboard is very easy to use.”

– Rebekah Lindemulder, Marketing Director
Duke of Oil, Munster, Indiana

“Mitchell 1 CRM’s new AI response to reviews is absolutely incredible. I would normally spend a few minutes responding to each review in a personal way that delivered a special touch. I was beyond impressed when I started using Mitchell 1 CRM’s and reading the response from the AI..  Thank you Mitchell 1 CRM for making my life as a shop owner easier, less work, and improving my social media presence!”

– Keith Benline, Owner
A+ Autocare, Poway, CA

“I used to have to create my own emails. It took so much of my time finding the right pictures, cropping them to fit, and then trying to put everything together in the correct format for the email. Mitchell 1 has some really great graphics and content for the Thank-you and Service Reminder emails – and also special promotions. And everything is formatted for mobile devices, so I don’t even have to think about whether my customer is going to be able to read the email. This saves me so much time – time I can use to focus on running the business, not trying to format emails!”

– Jackie Steele, Vice President
Steele’s Hometown Tire and Auto Service, Inc., Burlington, KY

“I signed for Social CRM up one month ago and am already glad — and overwhelmed with results. I look forward to years ahead.”

– Steve O’Brien, President
AZ Auto Air, Inc., Chandler AZ

“I’m new to social media marketing, so I really appreciate having a support agent dedicated to helping me stay on top of my social media presence. The email Target Market Promotions let me connect with customers with hardly any effort. I’ve been really happy with the SocialCRM solution and my support agent is fantastic. It’s great to know that Mitchell 1 cares as much about its customers as I do about mine.”

– Ian Howse, Service Manager
Burnsville Motors, Burnsville MN

“The Google Ads service from SocialCRM is working very well for our smog business. When people type in ‘smog’ near me, we’re coming up, and we’ve seen a significant increase in business. It’s working and has been cost effective. We’re very happy with the service and recommend Mitchell 1.”

– Tom & Donna Grady
Redhawk Auto Service, Temecula, CA

“Ever since we have been using the SureCritic™ automatic response, it has saved time (money) in responding to customers. I can easily access the automated reviews from the convenience of my house or while out with the kids. ..  Even if there are some things in the review that are not too positive, the automated response has very soothing words to show the customer we care and we will make it right.”

– Cory La Bouve, Owner
B&C Auto Repair, Vista, CA



“TruckSeries has everything and it’s very detailed. And that’s the biggest thing is when time is of the essence. All these trucks are trying to get back on the road. They don’t make money if they’re sitting still, so the quicker we get them in, the quicker we get them out — that’s always the key.”

– Junior Schuman, Shop Manager
American Diesel, Murrieta, CA

“With TruckSeries I like being able to type in the VIN number and easily scroll through the options it gives me. If I want to look at specific parts of the drive train, electrical system, charging system, starting system, and DPF systems, I don’t have to crawl through pages and pages. I can zero in on what I need and toss the rest aside. That’s what makes it easy for me. And time is money in this business. I believe it’s the only system out there that’s reliable, and has everything I need in it. I wouldn’t trust anything else.”

– Quince Graveen, Diesel Mechanic
American Diesel, Murrieta, CA