• Navigating the Challenges of Vehicle Repairs:

    Challenges of Vehicle Repairs, Truck Maintenance, Truck Repair, False Testing Results, Truck TechniciansTruck technicians face unique challenges in resolving vehicle concerns. The phantom fix syndrome promotes false testing results, and finding accurate solutions can be complex. Discover common causes and how following solid testing procedures can save time and ensure accurate repairs.

  • Spring Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Trucks Rolling

    Before winter arrives, fleet managers and technicians know just how important it is to prepare their fleet for the challenging winter months and the harsh conditions it brings. Just as equally important to pre-winter maintenance is post-winter maintenance, or “spring maintenance.”

  • Quick & Accurate Price Quotes with TruckSeries Estimator

    How long will my truck be out of service?  How much will it cost? Business owners and customers alike want quick, accurate answers to these commonly asked questions, especially in today’s economic market. Mitchell 1 TruckSeries is here to help! With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can create accurate repair and cost estimates that address these questions for your customers. Learn how in this short blog.

  • Getting Your Fleet Winter-Ready

    With winter now officially upon us, trucks in your fleet may be traveling on wet, snowy and icy roads. While driving in these conditions may not be the most ideal for drivers, there are steps that can be taken to ensure your fleet is properly prepared for any winter driving challenge. Learn from our own Curt Bogert on some proven tips that you can do today in this blog.

  • A Balancing Act with Tires

    Having the proper balance in life is important and the same can be said about your truck’s tires. A balanced tire prevents premature repairs and replacements. Learn from our own Jake Schell on just how important “keeping balance” truly is.

  • Keep Wheel Hub Bearings Lubricated Dippy-Bird Style

    You may remember a toy from your childhood, one where a glass bird bobs up and down with red fluid inside of it? Well there is a connection between this toy and keeping your wheel hub bearings lubricated. How is that? Well, find out from our own Jake Schell who provides over 40 years of industry experience in this quick read blog.