A Quick Look Inside ProDemand

A Quick Look Inside ProDemand

When you get a new electronic device, do you read the manual first, or just start using it? I know that I, for one, always start using it right way, without reading the manual. In fact, I only read the manual if I get stuck and can’t figure out how to do something. Often I’ll miss out on complete functions of the device until a friend personally tells me about a feature I wasn’t even aware existed.

I’m guessing that many of you reading this are like me, and you dove into ProDemand without reading a manual or getting instructions. In this post, I’m going to provide a quick overview of the modules contained in ProDemand so you won’t need a friend to tell you about them.

After logging into ProDemand, the first module you land at is the home screen. No information is contained here, but on the middle of the screen is a graphic that looks like a video. If you click this graphic, you’ll be directed to our training and support page, Get2Know ProDemand. On this page you’ll find links to live training, online videos, support documents and contact information for our support groups.

Did you know… Mitchell1 now offers online chat support for our Product Content Support Group – access through the Get2Know page and save yourself a phone call.

Use the Search module to search for a component, system or a code. As you start typing, a type ahead feature automatically brings back search terms.

Did you knowYou can find more detailed information about using search in this previous blog post: click to read it.

Estimate Guide
Use the Estimate Guide to look up a labor time or part price associated with a job. The labor times are created by Mitchell1 following a long established methodology. Typically, the part prices are provided to Mitchell 1 by the OEM every month.

Did you knowYou can find more detailed information about how Mitchell1 develops the labor times by looking at the Tools menu on the top right side of the ProDemand screen: Tools>Help>About. And click here to read a previous blog post on the subject.

The Quote module closely integrates with the Estimate Guide, allowing a user to create a quick quote for a customer.

Did you know… You can adjust Quote configurations under Tools>Shop Settings.


The Maintenance module allows you to look at services required for a vehicle based on indicator, mileage, timed and/or additional services. The maintenance module returns service schedules, specifications and procedures for quick access to all information needed to service the vehicle.

Did you know… The Quick Links menu on the right hand side of the ProDemand screen provides quick access to fluid capacities, tire specifications and a conversion calculator.

Code Search
Enter a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) and ProDemand will return code descriptions, test procedures, commonly replaced parts and any real fixes associated with the code.

Did you know… Common replaced parts graphs are based on real repair orders.

Component Search
In addition to typing in a search term, the Component Search module allows you to pick a component from the alphabetical list. Once your component is selected, ProDemand returns all the information you need for the job including description, location, procedures, diagrams, specifications and TSBs.

Did you know… You can also select your component from a list of the most popular components for the selected vehicle. Look on the left side of the screen for an area labeled “Top Lookups.”

Service Manual
For the customer familiar with using a book-style service manual, this module allows you to drill down to the information you need using categories and headings. If you’re looking for all of Mitchell1’s SVG color wiring diagrams, you can find them here.

Did you know… The Service Manual contains the “Common Specs and Procedures” articles, giving you access to the most popular information in ProDemand including torque specs, firing order, fuel pressure specs, etc.

The SureTrack module contains real-world knowledge such as common replaced parts graphs (like the one above), Real Fixes, component test information, known good waveforms, and an interactive community forum of professional technicians.

Did you know… You can find connector end views in the component test section of SureTrack (see below).

The Vintage module contains access to the pre-computer-age information from Mitchell1. Vehicles built prior to 1983 will be included in this module.

Did you know… If you can’t find information you need, try calling our Product Content Support team and have them help you to navigate the product or find the information in our extensive reference library: 888-724-6742, prompt #4.

While this quick walk-through of ProDemand gives you a high-level overview, the best way to master all the cool features in the product is to take advantage of the training resources we offer on the Get2Know ProDemand training page. They’re way better than a printed manual  — consider them personal tips from your friends at Mitchell 1.

About the Author

Gary Hixson

Gary Hixson is a Sr. Market Manager at Mitchell 1, and is responsible for product and market management of the Repair Information product line. Most recently he managed the release of ProDemand™, the industry-leading repair, diagnostic and maintenance information system.