• Manager SE

    It’s Manager SE’s job to make your job easier. The industry-leading shop management software from Mitchell 1 gives you a 360-degree view of…

  • ProDemand

    Learn how ProDemand™ from Mitchell 1 helped VIKING AutoCare increase efficiency, fix more cars, and double their sales. ProDemand has…

  • SocialCRM

    With so many options to market your auto repair shop, learn how two shops are using SocialCRM to streamline their marketing efforts and grow…

  • Driving Repair Efficiency

    See how the Mitchell 1 product suite works together to help improve shop efficiency, diagnostic accuracy , and attract and retain customers.

  • Manager SE – Time Manager Overview

    ManagerSE now includes Time Manager features, including Technician Job Clock and Employee Shift Clock functions with mobile device compatibility.

  • TruckSeries 1SearchPlus

    TruckSeries 1Search Plus is the fastest way to find OEM repair information. The return is a series of cards that follow a tech’s diagnostic and repair path.

  • ProDemand Advanced Interactive Diagrams

    ProDemand SVG Color Wiring Diagrams are best in class – an amazing feature set for navigating diagrams with direct links to specs, testing, component location and more – right from the diagram!

  • Easy access to your SocialCRM Reports

    See how easy it is to access your SocialCRM reports directly from Manager SE shop management software.

  • TruckSeries

    Mitchell 1 provides Class 4-8 truck shops with the fastest, most accurate solutions for every stage of the repair process…

  • Technology Partner

    With over 95 years in the car care industry, Mitchell 1 has a unique perspective and ability to deliver products that truly solve problems for…

  • SureTrack

    Get a close-up look at how SureTrack™ helps technicians fix cars faster and with more confidence. In this video, Ben Johnson, Mitchell 1’s Director of…