Simplify your accounting… and simplify your life.

Accounting Link is an auditing tool that connects your computer-based accounting program to your Manager™SE system for quick, easy transfer of accounting data. The result? You can pull financials anytime you want them… and your bookkeeping time shrinks to just minutes per day.

  • Seamlessly integrates Manager SE with most popular accounting software packages.
  • Is so accurate that it makes reconciling and preparing end-of-month reports a breeze.
  • Lets you do your books from home — or anywhere you request it to be installed.
  • Reduces input errors so your Manager SE data comes in correctly the first time.
  • Provides toll-free phone access and online support when you need it.
  • Requires no new company file, so it’s quick and easy to get started.
  • Gives you flexibility to process accounting data from multiple locations
    (depending on your accounting package and subscription settings).

Developed specifically for automotive repair facilities over the past 15+ years, Accounting Link lets you view and edit your Manager SE information. Then, using a simple three-step process, it quickly and easily transfers the following information from Manager SE directly into your accounting system:

Closed Repair Orders

  • Sales income (either in summary or in detail)
  • Sales tax collected
  • Payments collected (cash, checks, credit cards, charges)
  • Supply charges
  • Other fees charges (battery fees, tire disposal, etc.)
  • Discounts given (parts, labor, sublet and fleet)

Advance Payments Collected on Repair Orders Accounts Receivable Transactions

  • Payments posted on open accounts
  • Miscellaneous charges posted on customer accounts

Accounts Payable Transactions

  • Closed Purchase Orders from Vendors
  • Paid In/Out Options (external to Manager SE)

Inventory Transactions

  • Transfers from Inventory to Cost of Goods Sold
  • Inventory purchases (handled through accounts payable)

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