Handy Info for Code Lookups

Handy Info for Code Lookups

At Mitchell1, we pride ourselves in bringing OEM information from multiple sources to your fingertips in an easy-to-use platform. With 26 different OEMs to pull information from, the formatting is often varies a bit between different manufacturers. And sometimes, a manufacturer will even change a lookup for the same vehicle but different model years! With this post, I want to give you an example that should help you navigate more easily to the information you need.

Let’s take look at a P0200 and a P0300 from GM vehicles between 2000 and 2006. GM did not provide individual procedures for P0200, Injector Circuit Malfunction and P0300, Random Misfire. However, the scan tool will still pull the individual cylinder codes (P0201 – P0208 and P0301 – P0308) from the vehicle.  So, if you have a P0303 Cylinder #3 Misfire, GM diagnostics assumes you will know to use the P0300 test.

As a result, when you search in ProDemand for the P0303 from your scan tool, no OEM search results will be returned. This is because GM did not provide the information, not a flaw of the search. If you run across this type of situation, just search P0300 or P0200 to get the correct OEM test info.

Note: Since SureTrack provides real-world information, searching for P0303 (or any other cylinder) on SureTrack will provide many useful Tips and Real Fixes, including Component Replacement Graphs, Component Tests, Waveforms and Parameter IDs.

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