ProSpect: Revolutionizing Vehicle Inspections

The Manager™ SE shop management system just got more powerful with the option to take the system with you beyond the walls of your shop to complete the vehicle check-in and inspection processes right at the vehicle.

Using your Apple or Android mobile phone or tablet device, scan a VIN or snap a photo of the license plate and ProSpect™ decodes the VIN or plate and searches for a matching vehicle in the customer database. If one is found, you can quickly add canned jobs or start a multi-point inspection, estimate or repair order. If not, just create a new vehicle record and you’re on your way. Never handwrite an estimate, repair order or note again — and you can also include notes and pictures to fully document any vehicle issues found during the mobile inspection.

Greet your Customers at the Vehicle and Get to Work

ProSpect offers fully wireless functionality and seamless integration with Manager™ SE, so you can proactively greet your customers and start addressing their vehicle concerns before they even step inside to the front counter.

With this flexible mobile vehicle inspection application, you can:

  • Quickly decode VIN and license plate-to-VIN
  • Start Manager SE estimates right from your mobile device
  • Customize multi-point inspections
  • Apply Manager SE canned jobs to address vehicle issues found
  • Perform tire inspections and record “before and after ” tire pressure and tire damage
  • Fully document vehicle inspection findings with photos and tech notes

Benefits of ProSpect Include:

Increase Efficiency:  Take ProSpect with you to the vehicle and get the service started faster.

Save Time: Use your tablet/phone camera to snap a photo of a license plate to quickly confirm vehicle-specific data (make, model, trim, engine, etc.) and record it to Manager SE with the press of a button.

Enhance Customer Confidence:  Demonstrate your professionalism with multi-point inspections and make a positive first impression on your customers — you also get faster approval of additional work needed.

Consistent Inspections: With customizable multi-point inspection templates, tailor inspection details to consistently reflect your business guidelines every time they are applied.

Gain Mobility – Greet customers, start estimates, perform inspections, add jobs, even view WIP/ appointments — all quickly from the vehicle.*

* Mobile device must be on same local area network as Manager SE host.

ProSpect™ FAQs

What is ProSpect?

ProSpect is a wireless, vehicle check-in and mobile inspection solution for automotive and Class 4-8 truck repair shops. It is a seamlessly integrated add-on to the Mitchell 1 shop management software, Manager™ SE and Manager™ SE Truck Edition.

What does Mitchell1 ProSpect Do?

ProSpect allows service writers and technicians the flexibility to greet customers, check vehicles in and do a mobile car inspection using a phone or tablet all at the customer’s vehicle when they arrive. Some of ProSpect’s features include: decoding VIN and license plate-to-VIN, starting repair estimates on the mobile device, customizing multi-point inspections, applying canned jobs, performing tire inspections, recording tire pressure and damage, documenting vehicle inspection findings with photos and tech notes and more.

What is mobile shop management?

A mobile shop management system gives you the ability to manage elements of your business from a mobile device. In an auto or truck repair shop, to speed up efficiency, it is important to eliminate steps between the time the customer arrives to the time they leave. This can be done by using mobile shop management system software application on a mobile device, either a phone or tablet, and it allows the service writer or technician to move freely around the shop to perform necessary management functions, such as documentation, communication and inspections.

How do I make my shop more mobile?

To make a shop more mobile, it is necessary to have a wireless, vehicle check-in and mobile inspection solution as well as a full-featured auto shop management system. These systems should be able to integrate and easily transfer customer and vehicle information between one another, such as ProSpect and the integration with Manager SE and easy transfer of customer and vehicle information from Manager™ SE Truck Edition.