Set Your Shop Management System Free

The Manager™ SE shop management system just got more powerful with the option to take the system with you beyond the walls of your shop to complete the vehicle check-in and inspection processes right at the vehicle.

Using your mobile phone or tablet device*, scan a VIN or snap a photo of the license plate and ProSpect™ decodes the VIN or plate and searches for a matching vehicle in the customer database. If one is found, you can quickly add canned jobs or start a multi-point inspection, estimate or repair order. If not, just create a new vehicle record and you’re on your way. Never handwrite an estimate, repair order or note again — and you can also include notes and pictures to fully document any vehicle issues found during the inspection.

Greet your Customers at the Vehicle and Get to Work Right Away

ProSpect offers fully wireless functionality and seamless integration with Manager™ SE, so you can proactively greet your customers and start addressing their vehicle concerns before they even step into your shop.

With this comprehensive mobile shop management suite, you can:

  • Quickly decode VIN and license plate-to-VIN
  • Customize multi-point inspections
  • Apply canned jobs related to vehicle issues found
  • Perform tire inspections and record “before and after ” tire pressure and tire damage
  • Fully document vehicle diagnosis with photos
  • Create Manager SE estimates and repair orders
  • Create and store canned technician notes

Benefits of ProSpect Include:

Go paperless — Save on paper and printing costs, but also save time by no longer needing to walk back and forth between the vehicle and the printer.Save time — VIN and license plate decoding features instantly decode and record all vehicle-specific data (make, model, engine type, service history, account details, etc.) with the press of a button.Be more efficient — Customizable multi-point inspections allow you to build an inspection for your most common jobs and then use these prebuilt inspections over and overBuild customer confidence — Digital multi-point inspections demonstrate your professionalism and make a good impression on your customer, which can lead to quicker approvals of higher ticket services and repairsWork remotely — Access shop scheduling and other features integral to Manager SE without having to step foot in the shop

*ProSpect is currently compatible with Apple devices; Android coming soon.

ProSpect will be available starting November 26, 2018.