• How to Quickly Find Engine Serial Numbers

    Along with the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), the Engine Serial Number (ESN) plays a crucial role in determining the service information you require. Using the correct ESN helps pinpoint your actual service, repair or maintenance requirements information.

  • Tire Inflation Made Easy

    Keeping tires inflated to the proper pressure helps to improve tire life, fuel mileage and vehicle safety. Obviously, on a tractor and trailer there are a good number of tires to check and maintain. It takes time to check and balance the air pressure on 18 or more wheels. Thus, a tire inflation system can truly help the operator and maintenance personnel maintain uniform tire pressures with considerably less effort.

  • The Challenge of Noise and Vibration Diagnosis

    Vehicle noises and vibration can be a big challenge for service technicians. There are several factors that will greatly help the technician to make a quick and accurate noise/vibration diagnosis. Mitchell 1’s TruckSeries can help you “fine tune” your diagnosis quickly.

  • That Run Down Feeling

    All too often, faults and regeneration cycles for the diesel exhaust aftertreatment systems take trucks out of service at the most inopportune times. Learn how to prevent these down times in the latest Tips and Tricks blog!

  • Where Is That Relay Box?

    Are you spending too much time trying to locate where relay blocks and relay positions are? TruckSeries can help you cut that wasted time out and speed up your troubleshooting procedures.

  • Tighten It Up

    When completing a removal and installation procedure, nothing is more important than applying the right torque specification.

  • Those Colors Have Meaning!

    Meaning of Colored Illustrations in TruckSeriesThe other day, I was in TruckSeries looking up the information to replace the disc brake pads on a Ford F-450. Navigating to the procedure, I couldn’t help but notice the bright colors in the repair illustrations.