• Many Paths to the Information You Need in ProDemand

    Many Paths to the Information You Need in ProDemand Technology today offers so many different ways to communicate, from phones and text messages to email and social media. Depending on the situation, you choose different ways to communicate, and you probably prefer some methods over others. At Mitchell1, we know that like communicating, you may […]

  • Uncover ‘Hidden’ Vehicle Issues with Top 10 Lists

    Uncover ‘Hidden’ Vehicle Issues with Top 10 Lists Have you ever thought that there might be more value to a feature than what is obvious? We think our Top 10 lists just happen to be one of those features that provides extra value to uncover “hidden” vehicle issues beyond the obvious popular lookups. Top 10 […]

  • Shortcut to ProDemand Modules

    Shortcut to ProDemand Modules After selecting a vehicle, ProDemand automatically navigates you to the 1Search module and displays a powerful combination of OEM and real-world repair information. The reason is the majority of lookups in ProDemand are related to repair information that is most easily accessed through the 1Search module. But sometimes you may not […]

  • Diagnose Multiple DTCs Faster

    Diagnosing complex vehicle issues is a common challenge these days for service professionals. One issue you probably encounter frequently is the vehicle that arrives with the check engine light on and several different DTCs present when you test it with your scan tool. What is your strategy in that situation? There’s no doubt that with […]

  • Answers to Your Internet Browser Questions

    Updated August 2016: Read an updated version of this blog post Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer & Safari Our technical support group receives a lot of questions regarding Internet browsers. What is the best browser to use for ProDemand? What versions are supported? And so on. This blog post answers the most frequently answered questions, hopefully […]

  • Best of the ProDemand Tips and Tricks

    Best of the ProDemand Tips and Tricks Throughout 2014, we posted a number of great tips and tricks to help you use ProDemand more efficiently. Before January gets past us, we thought we’d review the tips and tricks from last year in case you missed some. We’ll be posting lots of more of these in […]

  • Using the Maintenance Checklist in ProDemand

    Using the Maintenance Checklist in ProDemand — Don’t Forget to Add the Mileage! ProDemand includes many useful features to save you time. One of those features is the ability to print off a maintenance checklist so that as you are performing the maintenance services on a vehicle, you can simply read down through the printed checklist […]

  • Using the SureTrack Tab in ProDemand

    Using the SureTrack Tab in ProDemand As you are using ProDemand, you may have noticed the SureTrack tab that populates after completing a 1Search for your selected vehicle. If you’ve been hesitant to click on the tab, you shouldn’t be – SureTrack offers valuable real-world content to help you diagnose even the most difficult codes and symptoms. SureTrack […]

  • Where to Find ECM Connector Views

    Where to Find ECM (Electronic Control Module) Connector Views In my role as the ProDemand Trainer, I have the chance to talk to many new customers to help them get up and running smoothly with ProDemand. Lately, one of the questions I’ve heard frequently is, “How do I find the connector end views for the ECM in ProDemand?”  To answer […]