Reach Your Customers Anywhere with Email

Present your shop’s special brand of service professionally and effortlessly using email, one of the most personal and convenient ways to communicate with your customers. And because more emails are now read on mobile phones than on desktop computers, SocialCRM emails are always optimized for mobile devices. With Mitchell 1’s expertise in email deliverability, your email will be sure to reach your target without being labeled as SPAM. We sweat those deliverability details every day so you don’t have to. So you can be confident that your message will reach your customers no matter where they happen to be checking their email.

Smart Customer Emails

Automate your customer communications with SocialCRM’s smart emails:

  • Email Service Reminders
    Our Smart Service Reminders are based on data from your shop management system. We calculate your customers’ projected mileage since their last visit, matched to their vehicle’s maintenance intervals and send automated reminders to them at the right time. Our advanced business logic ensures that your customers receive relevant emails based on their vehicle history.
  • Welcome
    We send customer loyalty welcome emails automatically, with a link for customers to view their vehicle history on their own personalized customer loyalty vehicle website, OwnerAutoSite.com (see “Email Matching” below).
  • Thank-you
    After every customer visit, your Thank-you Email is sent automatically, showing your appreciation and inviting the customer to review their experience at your shop.
  • Timing Belt
    Based on the projected mileage of each customer’s vehicle, SocialCRM will automatically send customized emails 30 days prior to the scheduled service mileage of their timing belt due date.
  • State Inspection
    SocialCRM pulls information from the management system’s inspection date field and targets vehicles based on their next inspection date. Your SocialCRM support agent will help you identify the inspection date parameters and create the email blast using artwork you select.
  • Recommendations
    Recommendations entered into your shop management system automatically trigger a specific email inviting your customer to service those recommended items not purchased during their initial visit.
  • Google+ Local Reviews
    For added Internet search visibility we help you collect Google Reviews. When a consumer provides a positive review in our system, we send an invitation to them to also provide a Google review.
  • Haven’t Seen You In a While
    When a customer has been away from your shop for more than 12 months, they will receive a special email inviting them back to your business.

Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

It’s easy to make your marketing as mobile as your customers. SocialCRM detects the mobile device that is being used and reconfigures the emails for friendly viewing. Appointment requests, service reminders, thank-you emails and customer reviews are optimized for smartphones and tablets, so your customers not only receive your message wherever they are, but they’re more likely to read and respond to your message. Customer review requests and automated appointment scheduling are built into every email, creating powerful word-of-mouth marketing opportunities and saving you time.

Email Matching

If you’re missing email addresses for your customers, we will find them for you. Because of the high response rate and low cost of email marketing, our free email matching service may be your business’s best value of all. We jumpstart your marketing program by doing an initial email match when you sign up. At the SocialCRM product level, we’ll match your database every quarter to catch any new customers visiting your shop since the prior email match was done. And every new email address added to the database automatically triggers a customer loyalty welcome email message to the customer, with an invitation to visit their personal OwnerAutoSite vehicle maintenance website.

Target Market Promotion (TMP) Emails

Having a slow month? Generate new sales at a moment’s notice by sending your customers a targeted email promotion anytime. We’ll even create it for you and send you the promotion to review. It’s just another valuable feature that’s available anytime you need it.

Deliverability Experts

We monitor and measure our email deliverability on a daily basis, and format your messages to generate the best response rate possible. We take care of all the little details to ensure your message gets opened and read.

Grow your business the modern way. Get a free guided demonstration and learn how SocialCRM can automate your customer outreach.