Grow Your Community of Customers

SocialCRM provides you with a complete automotive social media solution to make your shop more visible in the crowded online marketplace. Your dedicated SocialCRM support agent will set you up with a Facebook business page to take advantage of what is essentially today’s standard word-of-mouth marketing tool.

The SocialCRM service will automatically push compelling content and those incredibly valuable customer reviews to your Facebook page on a regular basis to keep your shop visible in the world of automotive digital marketing. To top it all off, links to your Facebook page will also be included in the “Thank-You” emails sent to your customers and on their personalized vehicle maintenance website, OwnerAutoSite.com.

Facebook Visibility

Don’t ever underestimate the impact of your social media presence on your auto repair business. We give your shop more visibility and an online presence that allows your customers to easily include your automotive social media profiles within their own social circle. You’re part of your local community and now it’s easier than ever to show your community support and engage with customers and potential new customers.

Automated Content

Content that presents helpful automotive service information to consumers is a powerful tool that is proven to motivate consumers to make a purchasing decision. With SocialCRM, this content is not only automatically pushed to your social media channels such as Facebook, but will also be included on each of your consumers’ OwnerAutoSite.com websites. The auto repair service content allows customers to see your wealth of knowledge on full display and helps them trust you as an authority in your field their go-to source for auto service information.

Social Engage

SureCritic, our partner for verified consumer reviews, helps your business collect more authentic customer experiences than any other review site. The Social Engage feature helps convert your customers into automotive social media advocates for your business through social amplification. This is a fancy digital marketing term that essentially means letting your customers spread their positive word of mouth about your automotive business via social media.

After your customer completes their SureCritic review, they are presented with options to easily create a Google review and/or share their SureCritic review with friends and family, thus amplifying their positive experience across numerous social media platforms. No matter how effective your auto shop marketing efforts are,, this type of positive word-of-mouth and car repair social media buzz can play an essential role in growing your business.

Claiming Your Google+ Local Page and Google Reviews

Your Google+ Local listing is the foundation of your automotive digital marketing strategy. We’ll walk you through the process of claiming your business on Google, multiplying your online presence exponentially in the process. Best of all, it’s yet another way to put the very best customer reviews your shop has on full display for the world to see just how great you truly are.

Grow your business the modern way. Get a free guided demonstration and learn how SocialCRM can automate your customer outreach.