Text Your Customers and Build Engagement

Text messaging has become one of the most prevalent forms of communication today. In fact, it’s estimated that 8.5 billion texts are sent each day in the U.S., and studies have shown that approximately 90 percent of text messages are read within the first three minutes of delivery. Being able to connect with your customers this way has become a critical element in your auto shop marketing strategy.

Automated Texting

The SocialCRM Text Messaging feature will help you enhance your marketing efforts and engage with your customers with automated text message communications. Use text messages to remind customers of their upcoming appointments and show them some gratitude after their appointment. That thank-you text also includes an invitation and link to share their great experience with others by writing a review about your shop.

Real-time Notifications

The Text Messaging feature not only streamlines your customer communication efforts, but it’s quick and easy to set up. Simply add your customer’s cell phone number to the Manager™ SE shop management system to start communicating directly with your customers. Every time a customer responds to a text message, you receive an email notification and can respond back via your SocialCRM dashboard to keep the communication flowing in a timely manner.