Watch Your Marketing Perform and Measure The Results

We understand the challenges you have staying on top of your business – that’s why we provide so much more than just automatic email reporting of your marketing results. We also provide valuable business intelligence, allowing you to see how your business is performing compared with your last year’s sales results, and compared to local and national aftermarket benchmark data. These reports can be sent to you monthly or weekly.

Customer Insight Reporting

The tight integration of SocialCRM with Manager SE allows you to immediately access reports with customer details like marketing touch points by vehicle, corresponding invoices and reviews for specific customers, verification of vehicles owned, and customer e-mail address information.

Just click the “SocialCRM Reports” button in Manager SE to see the customer detail and reviews. It’s quick and easy to see SocialCRM marketing results, including a notification star when a new consumer review is created. Having these details helps you establish a deeper relationship with your customers through effective communication, which in turn will allow you to leverage those relationships to grow your business through word-of-mouth marketing.

No other shop marketing service offers the ability to automatically send targeted communications between service visits, while also providing information to build better relationships at the front counter. You can bet your customers will be impressed when you not only remember their name but also thank them for their positive review.

SocialCRM Dashboard

Your SocialCRM dashboard is completely interactive. For example, when you click on “All Responses” in the dashboard, you can see a list of every consumer who responded to the selected marketing communication.

Customer Detail Screen

Just click on a specific consumer’s name in the dashboard and you’ll see every communication they have received from you and all the details known about that consumer.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Report

This report compares more than 10 different business metrics about your business to the exact same time period last year. And with every business day, week, and month this report changes to show you where you stand compared to the previous year – down to the exact day.

Local and National Benchmark Data Report

Have you ever wondered if everyone’s business in the aftermarket is off-pace, or if it’s just your shop? We provide you with the national and state average numbers to compare your business’s invoice count and average invoice dollars. That will give you insight into whether you’re getting your fair share of the business or if it really is just external factors like the overall state of the economy.

Consumer Emails Acquired Report

We acquire customer emails for you and also give you the tools to collect emails for yourself. We then track progress over a six-month window. Since emails are the most cost-effective way to market and typically have the best response rates, having a program to grow your email list and track the results is critical to success.

Customer Contact Summary Report

Because it’s a fact that repeat customers will spend more on average at your shop than first-time customers, we believe consistent customer communication will result in increased loyalty and profitability. That’s why you receive a monthly report detailing how many Thank-you Emails, Service Reminder Emails and/or postcards, and all other types of marketing communication, have been sent to your customers.

Eligible Vehicle Report

We’ll show you the percentage of your overall customer base that you’re reaching with your marketing and the type of communication they’re receiving — emails or postcards.

SocialCRM Welcome Email Report

You can see your current promotions at a glance  – the information is found right up front on the first page of your reports. This will help to remind you of the promotions you’re running and help you evaluate their effectiveness based on response rates.

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