Make the Connection

Mitchell 1 SocialCRM is integrated with the Mitchell 1 Manager™ SE shop management system to power up your engagement and communication with customers. SocialCRM delivers notifications from within Manager SE, providing valuable consumer details and review feedback at your fingertips. You get a visual notification when the consumer in front of you has given your business a consumer review, and other valuable data such as the consumer’s lifetime revenue by vehicle.

NEW! Online Appointment Requests

Added convenience for your customers – and time-savings for you

Want to reduce the number of phone calls you have to handle, and at the same time make it quicker and easier for your customers to book appointments for auto repair and maintenance services at your shop?

With the Online Appointment request feature, your customers have three options to request an appointment at their convenience – even at midnight! With the click of a button, they can submit an appointment request on your shop’s website, from an email you sent to them or from their personal ‘’Owner Auto Site” vehicle history website.

The tight integration between SocialCRM and the Manager™ SE shop management system is the engine that powers this automated scheduling process. With appointment requests arriving at your shop automatically, you can manage your shop calendar more efficiently and ensure your bays stay full. And fewer phone calls means that you have more time to focus on serving customers at your front desk — and running your business.

Here’s how it works:

  • A customer submits an appointment request located on a LocalSearch website or an email they received from your shop.
  • Once submitted, the request is automatically delivered to the Manager™ SE system with an alert that a new request has arrived.
  • The system recognizes existing customers and integrates their request with their account record in your database; no need for a manual lookup.
  • You can review the request and accept or decline based upon availability.
  • When accepted, the confirmed request is added to your shop’s schedule and the system automatically sends a text or email to the customer to verify the appointment.
  • Your customer is also notified if the appointment is declined and they are prompted to call the shop to schedule the appointment.

Customer Insight Reporting

The tight integration of SocialCRM with Manager SE allows you to immediately access reports with customer details like marketing touch points by vehicle, corresponding invoices and reviews for specific customers, verification of vehicles owned, and customer e-mail address information.

Just click the “SocialCRM Reports” button in Manager SE to see the customer detail and reviews. It’s quick and easy to see SocialCRM marketing results, including a notification star when a new consumer review is created. Having these details helps you establish a deeper relationship with your customers through effective communication, which in turn will allow you to leverage those relationships to grow your business through word-of-mouth marketing.

No other shop marketing service offers the ability to automatically send targeted communications between service visits, while also providing information to build better relationships at the front counter. You can bet your customers will be impressed when you not only remember their name but also thank them for their positive review.

Consumer Review Alerts

With SocialCRM integrated with Manager SE, you will be notified automatically every time your business receives a new consumer review. Just click the “SocialCRM Reports” button in Manager SE to see the reviews and access details about the customer’s history with your shop.

Two-way Integration

Key features of the one-click integration between SocialCRM and Manager SE include:

  • Real-time notification of new consumer reviews
  • Ability to respond to or share a review quickly
  • Roll-over text in Manager SE shows consumer review stars
  • Dashboard of results
  • Customer Detail screen listing all communications sent to consumer
  • Customer Detail screen with lifetime consumer and per vehicle value

Grow your business the modern way. Get a free guided demonstration and learn how SocialCRM can automate your customer outreach.