Google Optimization Suite

Your All-in-One Toolbox to Boost Online Visibility & Ranking

Take your shop’s marketing efforts to the next level with the Google Optimization Suite, a revolutionary set of tools designed to streamline and optimize your shop’s online presence and Google ranking. With a focus on reviews and customer engagement, this suite empowers you to effectively manage your online reputation, engage with customers, and boost your shop’s visibility in the digital space.

  1. Boost online visibility & Google ranking
  2. Simplify and enhance customer interactions
  3. Ensure a consistent, professional online presence
  4. Gain valuable insights into customer feedback

Google Reviews

Leverage the power of Google reviews to enhance your shop’s reputation and attract new business. As the #1 search engine, Google reviews play a crucial role in maximizing your online visibility. With LocalSearch, you can send personalized invitations to your customers via text message, encouraging them to review your shop on Google and Facebook. These reviews complement the verified SureCritic reviews through the SocialCRM service.

  1. Maximize internet visibility and receive customer feedback
  2. Send personal invitations via text message for Google and Facebook reviews
  3. Complement SureCritic reviews with customer reviews
  4. Enhance shop’s reputation and attract new business

Suggested Responses

We understand that managing customer reviews can be time-consuming and challenging. That’s why we’ve introduced Suggested Responses, a groundbreaking addition to LocalSearch that simplifies the way auto repair shops respond to their Google and SureCritic customer reviews. Suggested Responses provide automated, personalized replies tailored to individual reviews, allowing you to easily customize and manage your responses directly from your SureCritic dashboard.

  1. Streamline response management to Google and SureCritic customer reviews
  2. Automated, personalized replies tailored to individual reviews
  3. Customize and manage responses from SureCritic dashboard
  4. Save time and effort while maintaining a consistent online presence

Google Campaigns

In the competitive digital landscape, boosting your shop’s online presence is essential. With Google Campaigns from SureCritic, it’s a breeze to create and post content in real-time to your Google Business Profile and Facebook page. You can share offers, announcements, and other engaging content with publish start and end dates, ensuring timely promotions. Plus, you can effortlessly promote positive customer reviews on your Google Business page with just a click of a button.

  1. Maximize your online presence through automated content creation and promotion
  2. Easily create and post real-time content to Google Business Profile and Facebook page
  3. Share offers and announcements with publish start and end dates
  4. Promote positive customer reviews with a click of a button

Google ReScore

Transforming negative reviews into positive customer experiences is now possible with Google ReScore®. By utilizing the SureCritic™ review service, you can seamlessly manage your Google reviews directly from your SureCritic dashboard. Respond to every Google review, and in the case of a negative one, send a ReScore request. This request asks them for an updated review, allowing you to rectify any issues and improve their experience. Once the updated review is received, it replaces the initial negative review online.

  1. Transform negative reviews into positive customer experiences
  2. Seamlessly manage Google reviews from SureCritic dashboard
  3. Send ReScore requests to customers with bad reviews for updated feedback
  4. Updated reviews replace negative ones online

Get started today with the Google Optimization Suite from SocialCRM | LocalSearch and witness the transformative power of these innovative tools. Contact us now to learn more about how the Google Optimization Suite can benefit your auto repair shop’s online presence.