Google ReScore

Turnaround Negative Reviews and Boost Your Google Rating Score

Google reviews have a tremendous impact on the online reputation of every business. Online reviews not only help set the tone for your shop’s overall reputation, but they also affect your search engine optimization (SEO). With exceptional SEO, you will increase your shop’s visibility and outrank your competitors on search results.

Bad Review? No Problem. We’ve Got You Covered!

LocalSearch now gives you the power to improve your Google review ratings with ease!  Our new ReScore® feature is the surefire way to turn those not-so-great Google reviews into positive experiences for your customers.  Using the SureCritic review service – the only platform with Review Assurance™ – shops can now easily link to their Google My Business page to create a seamless connection for managing their Google reviews directly through their SureCritic dashboard.

Shop owners will be able to respond to every Google review. If they get a bad review, they can send a ReScore request directly to the customer, asking them for an updated review. Once the updated review is received, the new review will replace the bad review online. The shop benefits from the positive customer experience and higher Google rating. Plus, every customer who views the shop’s Google Business page will only see the updated positive review.

Key Benefits

  • Increase your Google review rating
  • Build trust and customer loyalty
  • Boost your shop’s reputation and visibility
  • Drive new customers to your business

Major Features

  • ReScore replaces bad reviews with positive reviews
  • Engage with Google reviewers directly from your SureCritic Dashboard

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