• Online Review Responses:  What Should I Say?

    When your shop receives a positive or even negative comment you might be anxious at first. “What should I say?”  There are only so many ways you can say ‘Thank You’ or ‘Sorry you feel that way’. Do I say the same thing every time?  Can I just copy/paste a message?  How long should my responses be if I do respond?  Fear not, as Mitchell 1 and the SocialCRM is here to help you with a detailed explanation on strategies you can use when you come across those reviews here.

  • 3 Key Steps and Automotive Customer Service Tips to Building Profitable Customer Relationships

    Just because a customer visits your shop more than once doesn’t necessarily mean they’re truly “loyal.” Tough words for any shop owner to hear indeed.  In general marketing terms, most customers are “Predisposed Customers,” meaning they are predisposed to return based on the outcome of a previous visit. Learn how with the help of Mitchell 1’s award winning Social CRM auto repair marketing software can help keep your customers as loyal as can be with 3 key steps!

  • Meet your Mitchell 1 Marketing Team Member: Victor Michael

    The “Meet Your Team Member” feature provides an inside look at the SocialCRM auto shop marketing service from the perspective of one of our product experts. In an interview format, they share expertise, insights and best practices to help auto repair shops use digital marketing strategies to gain competitive advantage in their market. This time we had the opportunity to sit down with Victor Michael, one of our web designers for SocialCRM and LocalSearch, to obtain his thoughts and tips to boost a shop’s internet presence with their website.

  • How to Be a Text Marketing Super Hero

    Marketing Tips from Mitchell 1 SocialCRMThe quote “With great power come great responsibility” has been attributed to everyone from Winston Churchill to Spiderman, and this relationship of power-to-responsibility is certainly true for Texting Marketing Campaigns. The “great power” of text marketing campaigns is made obvious when your customer grants you permission to contact them in the most direct and personal way possible.  And the “great responsibility” starts with the FCC’s requirement to get prior consent before sending automated promotional texts.

    The good news is that Mitchell1 is here to help with some tips on text marketing best practices that will have you texting marketing like a super hero.

  • Best of the Blogs 2020: Auto Shop Marketing Tips

    Marketing can be tricky. It is an ever-evolving and dynamic practice that can make or possibly break a business. New technologies and methodologies are constantly developing and consumers change with these trends; including the way they interact with marketing communication methods. This past year, our SocialCRM auto shop marketing team has been busy blogging away and sharing their marketing wisdom to help your shop gain and retain more customers and ultimately boost sales. Here is a collection of the SocialCRM team’s blog posts from 2020.