5 Ways Auto Shop Marketing Has Become More Important Than Ever – Part 1

One way you can define “marketing” is to say that it’s your job to make it easier for new and existing consumers to do business with your repair shop. In the “good old days” it was easier to accomplish that task, but nowadays that involves more options and some new skill sets. Shops now find that having an easy-to-find website, communicating with consumers via SMS texts and by offering the convenience of scheduling online appointments at any time day or night are essential to success.

The repair shops that ended up “winners” during the early days of Covid -19 pandemic were the ones that leveraged their marketing program to find additional ways to keep customer communication open. Consumers were forced to interact with businesses completely online, thus accelerating the growing importance of a strong online presence. Your customers and future customers will be spending more time in the future looking at their phones and tablets, and your business marketing will be judged by its ability to provide a “screen reality” of online options that is equal to or better than your physical shop reality.

If this seems somewhat intimidating, don’t worry! Auto repair marketing services like SocialCRM offer the advanced digital marketing skills your shop may not have available in-house. Our team has identified five ways marketing can help your shop enhance customer engagement and bring in more business.  We’re going to share them in this five-part blog series… starting here with number 1!

Part 1- Getting the Word Out!

During the pandemic lockdowns, you may have been one of the shops that found it necessary to send email campaigns to your customers, letting them know that you were still open for business. You may have also included updates to your shop hours and a message about the safety processes you put into place such as contactless vehicle drop-off and/or sanitized vehicle delivery. These types of email blast campaigns keep your consumers informed about your business’s status. This pandemic has highlighted the importance of being able to reach all your customers with quick messages when necessary. These status updates provide the ability to update your customers when emergencies happen. It’s a good reminder that reaching out even after the emergency has passed can be an excellent idea.

Expert Tip: Continue to use email campaigns to communicate how you have updated your processes today in order to accommodate your customers’ need for flexibility and convenience.


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Brian Warfield

Brian Warfield is a Senior Product Manager for the Mitchell 1 SocialCRM product line. He has been in the automotive software business for over 20 years and has earned a degree in Marketing from the University of Cincinnati Business College.