• Barometric Pressure Made Easy!

    Determining barometric pressure based on location is important when troubleshooting the “Barometric Pressure – Data Erratic, Intermittent or Incorrect” fault code.

  • New Navigation Tips in TruckSeries

    We’ve recently added the new “Walk Me” feature to our TruckSeries truck repair software that points out tips for selections and reminders that will help you find the information you’re looking for to repair the truck in your bay.

  • Questions? Questions?

    ask the right questions in truck repairLooking through the cooling system and troubleshooting information in TruckSeries, a section caught my attention that served as a great reminder of one of the most important diagnostic tools a technician possesses. This priceless tool in diagnostics is the ability to ask the driver questions.

  • New! Plate-to-VIN Feature Speeds Up Vehicle Selection

    TruckSeries Plate to VINTruckSeries® can now quickly identify the vehicle being worked on by simply entering the license plate number and state. This feature speeds up vehicle identification by reducing the number of characters to enter and greatly improves accuracy.

  • Let Your Axles Breathe!

    truck axle repair informationAxle vents are something few ever think about. Still, these little parts play an important role in keeping the axle in operating condition.