• The Heat Is On

    Understand the importance of good maintenance and repair information for cooling systems and learn what is included in cooling system repair information.

  • What Does It All Mean?

    Every time you start the engine these days you are likely greeted by a light show on the instrument cluster. The following graphic illustrates light symbols and what they monitor.

  • Buying New Tires? Check That Date!

    Buying tires that are old and have been sitting on the rack too long is not a good investment. Located on the sidewall of each tire is a build date that indicates the week and year a tire was built.

  • Don’t Ignore that In-line Air Filter

    When it comes to air filters, most replaceable filters for the engine air intake, or spin-on air filters for the air brake system, are likely to be on a regular maintenance list. But what about in-line air filters for the trailer air system?

  • TruckSeries Training When You Need It

    TruckSeries Training: Training Center PortalOur TruckSeries truck repair information software is packed full of great information but every now and then you may need assistance locating what you need or navigating through the program.

  • Shake It Up

    TruckSeries Vibration DIagnosis ScreenshotIntermittent electrical faults can drive a technician to distraction. The story typically goes like this: The vehicle comes in with a trouble code stored in the history, or the driver complains about an electrical component acting up “once in a while.”