Faster Truck Fixes with 1Search Plus

After retrieving a fault code (DTC) from the truck’s diagnostic system, a technician typically needs to know some basic information about the code and the system displaying the problem. The code information assists the technician in gaining a basic understanding about the failure, the system, and the conditions that led to the code setting.

Knowing all this information will  help the technician quickly and accurately arrive at a diagnosis. Mitchell 1’s TruckSeries truck repair software makes this basic code information easy to locate,  thanks to our powerful 1Search Plus™ search engine

Let’s take a look at an example from an engine fault code from a 2021 International HX equipped with the Cummins X15 and a J1939 code 0-110-4.

1- First, we need to select the Year, Make, and Model of the truck along with the engine from the drop-down selector.


2- Next, select “Trouble Code” in the 1Search Plus search box.

3- Continue to use the drop-downs to select the 0-110-4 code.

4- Then click the link under the “Search Results” to open the available data for this fault code and select the “Component Operation” card.

5- As the card opens, the basic information related to the code will be displayed on the screen.

This easy to look up information can be very helpful to help technicians narrow the problem area and aid in arriving at a faster diagnosis.

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About the Author

Jake Schell

Jake Schell is an editorial consultant with Mitchell 1. Previously, he served as Product Manager for the Commercial Vehicle Group from 2002 to 2023. Prior to joining Mitchell 1, Jake spent 20 years as a technician. He holds a Chevrolet Master certification in the transmission category as well as ASE certifications in both cars and trucks.