Winter is coming…is your truck ready?

Fall is fantastic time of the year, usually advertised with warm cups of coffee and pumpkins adorning porches surrounded by leaves. However, for commercial trucks, fall is not so simple and cozy but rather a very hectic time. Not all states experience lovely fall weather, as some will face the full brunt of winter storms with snow and freezing temperatures.

Now is the time to ensure that your truck winter operation checklist is complete. Start with some essential basics such as:

  • Have adequate grill blankets to maintain engine warmth when the air is freezing
  • Stock up with several sets of good tire chains for icy and slippery roads
  • Make sure the engine cooling system is in good running shape

The engine cooling system is designed to keep the engine from not just over-heating in the summer, but also from freezing in the winter. The cooling and heater systems work together to keep the cab from reaching those freezing temperatures.

The antifreeze-to-water mix ratio must be aligned with OEM specs to ensure proper function of the engine and cab. Having the adequate amount of antifreeze in the cooling system makes sure both human occupants and engine components are at optimal temperatures for long cross-country driving.

Whether the weather is nice or severe, be safe, be ready, and be prepared for the impending winter!


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About the Author

Jake Vince

Jake Vince joined the commercial vehicle group in 2020. He is a Technical Editor for Mitchell 1’s Repair Connect Department. He has experience working not just the Heavy Truck Industry but Heavy Equipment and Automotive Industry. Having Served as Diesel Technician for the United States Navy, Repair and Service Technician for Ford, and as a Heavy Equipment/Truck Mechanic for many years. Jake is also a graduate of Universal Technical Institute having majored in automotive, diesel, Ford specific training and is star certified in California’s Smog program.