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Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer & Safari

Our technical support group receives a lot of questions regarding Internet browsers. What is the best browser to use for ProDemand? What versions are supported? And so on. This blog post answers the most frequently answered questions, hopefully providing you everything you need to know about the browsers and ProDemand.

What are the preferred Internet browsers for ProDemand?
ProDemand is compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 11 or above (newer). 

Which Internet browser do you recommend I use?
Google Chrome. But whatever browser you choose, we always recommend you use the latest version available.

Why do you specify a version of Internet Explorer but not of Chrome or Firefox?
Google Chrome and Firefox automatically upgrade users to the latest version of their browser. Internet Explorer (IE) has started doing that with IE11, but previous versions of IE do not automatically upgrade. So, if you’re running an older version of IE, we recommend you update to the latest version.  It’s quick and easy, so why not do it now? 

When I use Internet Explorer, how does the compatibility mode work?
Each version of Internet Explorer has its own set of technical specifications. So, IE compatibility mode allows older websites built to older Internet specifications (IE6, 7, 8) to still function on the browser. Note that if you’re using IE8, you must turn compatibility mode OFF to access ProDemand, but if you’re accessing, compatibility mode must be ON.

Why can’t I see your new feature, ProView?
We’ve “frozen” all new features for IE8, 9 and 10 starting with the software release that included ProView. What this means is that ProView and other features will not be visible on these older versions of IE. We recommend using Google Chrome, Firefox, or IE11 and you will see ProView when you search for a code or symptom. You can read a blog post about ProView, a cool new troubleshooting feature in ProDemand.

Does ProDemand work on Safari? Can I access ProDemand on my iMac?
The Safari browser is not officially supported, but we do know that many users successfully access ProDemand using this browser. We recommend that you download Chrome to your iMac and access ProDemand via that browser.

Does ProDemand work on mobile devices?
Yes, ProDemand is optimized for Apple and Android tablets. We’ve written a blog post giving you full details about using ProDemand on your mobile device.

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Gary Hixson is a Sr. Market Manager at Mitchell 1, and is responsible for product and market management of the Repair Information product line. Most recently he managed the release of ProDemand™, the industry-leading repair, diagnostic and maintenance information system.