SureCritic certified Reviews Customer Reviews =
Better Search Engine Visibility

Collecting consumer feedback via Reviews is one the most powerful ways to get search engine visibility. But it’s critical that consumers can trust the reviews. Your customers post reviews and star ratings of your service to the Web and the SocialCRM Reviews system automatically verifies them as authentic. Trustworthy reviews from your actual customers put you one step ahead in managing your shop’s reputation. And, these reviews, with keywords added to optimize performance, create search engine-friendly links to drive your search visibility upward, where new customers can find you.

certiified reviews

Certified Reviews

Because transactions can be tracked from your shop management software, Mitchell 1 is your perfect partner for automatically soliciting Reviews and verifying that the customer’s transaction actually took place. We provide the quality, quantity and velocity of Consumer Reviews that prove to the search engines that actual consumers are actively discussing your business.

Because the link provided in your customers thank-you email is unique to your shop and that specific transaction, your reviews are automatically validated and given the stamp of approval from our partner .

Shop Profile

Shop Profile

Increase your SureCritic Review page search relevancy even more by adding a detailed desscription of your shop and applying service categories. This is just one more way the SureCritic data is optimized for Internet search engines like Google™.

Search Optimization

Search Optimization

Your review data and your personal business review page content is optimized and indexed by all the most popular Internet search engines like Google. We create a unique URL address for each review, giving you the best visibility possible.

Rescore Reviews

Review Score

You can login and comment on any review — and thank your loyal customers for their business and their feedback about their experience at your shop.

If a consumer has given you a low rating, SureCritic’s industry-leading ReScore feature provides you an opportunity to raise your rating. After communicating with the consumer to resolve their concern, you can ask the consumer for a revised review rating — you get another chance to manage your shop’s reputation.

Review Alerts

You’ll get automatic email notification when you receive a low score so you’ll have plenty of time to respond to your customer’s concern and resolve the issue. You have the opportunity to improve their satisfaction with their experience —and their rating of your business.

Social Engage

Social Engage

SureCritic helps your business collect more authentic customer experiences than any other review site. Now with Social Engage, SureCritic helps convert your online customers into advocates for your business. By presenting options to the consumer after they complete the SureCritic review your customers can also create a Google Places review and/or share their SureCritic review, with friends and family.