• Featured TPMS Tip: 2011-2017 Kia Sorento

    Tire Pressure in Cold weather specificationsMitchell 1 provides TPMS information to Modern Tire Dealer, an award-winning publication that writes editorial content geared to independent tire dealers. We’re sharing this content in our blog, with a link to the Modern Tire Dealer website where you can read the article in full. The TPMS information in this article may also be accessed in either the TPMS or the reset procedures quick link in our ProDemand® auto repair information software, along with other important reset procedure data for the selected vehicle.


  • Top 5 Tips to Maintain Your Customers’ Hybrid Vehicle

    Hybrids have been on the road for almost 20 years now and have become quite a large segment of all the cars currently on the road. Every shop is going to deal with maintaining hybrid cars at some point, why not join in now? This blog post summarizes some key points that you might find very helpful when it comes to repairing any customer vehicles.

  • Looking for Pre-1960s Vintage Information?

    Looking for pre-1960s auto repair information? Mitchell 1 has a library of printed service manuals dating back to the start of the automotive industry. Here’s how you get access to that information

  • Play It Safe

    Time is money when you are working flat rate but maybe some of these accidents could have been prevented by taking the little extra time it takes to research the jack and lifting information.  Take advantage of all the information provided in Truck Series to lift that truck safely and prevent a possible accident.

  • ADAS: The ONE Automotive Technology You Need To Know

    Join Pete Meier of Motor Age as he tells you about the the one automotive technology that you need to know for the future success of your auto shop and repair center; ADAS or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. Check out the full video in the blog.

  • It’s Time to Prepare for ADAS

    Just as all vehicles do, when they need service or repair they will be brought into your shop. But even something as simple as replacing a headlight bulb can require complicated calibrations and adjustments due to these new ADAS features. At Mitchell 1 we’ve compiled a collection of great reads and listens that can help explain why integrating ADAS into your shop’s future plans is the way to go.