Looking for Pre-1960s Vintage Information?

Yup, we’ve got that!

So, you’ve got a classic in your bay and need a wiring diagram. You open ProDemand and scroll to the bottom of the “Year” selection. You see that it ends at 1960. What? Does this mean that Mitchell 1 doesn’t have content for your pre-1960s vehicle?

Stay calm. We’ve got you covered.

1912 Cadillac

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Mitchell 1 has an onsite library of printed service manuals dating back to the start of the automotive industry. Our oldest manual is a 1912 Cadillac M30. And we don’t have just a handful of manuals; we have a large section in our library devoted to these physical books for 1912 to 1959 vehicles.

So, why doesn’t Mitchell 1 include that information in ProDemand? It would require us to scan every book into electronic form, then add the information into our editorial system. The volume of requests we receive for this type of auto repair information is very low, so we make it available to you in another way. Just call our product content support group at 888-724-6742, and one of our agents will personally work with you and locate the information you need in our library.

If you happen to be working on a pre-1960s vehicle and need to review the service information, there is a good chance we’ll have that content in our library.  Our library is an important aspect of our service to you, and reflects our legacy of providing auto repair information for over 100 years!

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