Using Real-World Information throughout the Diagnostic Process

I recently had the opportunity to participate in a webinar with Motor Age Magazine to discuss the rise of real-world information in the auto repair shop aftermarket. In the presentation, I go through the automotive diagnostic process step by step, and show how real-world information can increase efficiency as well as give you more confidence when building your diagnostic strategy.

Mitchell 1's ProDemand Motor Age Webinar - Diagnosing with auto shop repair information

The framework used in the webinar follows the diagnostic process:

1.) Verify the symptom or complaint (including understanding and replicating the problem) – Real-world information, such as the Top 10 list in ProDemand, can help to identify common problems in the vehicle.

2.) Analyze symptoms – Create your strategy for how to diagnose the symptom/code. Real-world information includes Common Repair Procedures charts and a list of Most Probable Components to help you prioritize your diagnosis.

3.) Isolate the fault through testing – While you are executing your diagnostic plan, real-world information will include Real Fixes as a reference to help your diagnosis and Component Test Information to aid you in preforming tests.

4.) Correct the Problem – After you’ve identified the component at fault, you can switch back to ProDemand’s OEM information to replace that failed component.

5.) Check for Proper Operation – You always want to finish your diagnostic work by verifying that you’ve solved the customer’s problem.

Using a real-world information source, like SureTrack, is a great way to reduce diagnostic time and boost your confidence when building and carrying out a diagnostic strategy.

Want more? Here’s how you can see more Real Fixes in SureTrack:

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Gary Hixson

Gary Hixson is a Sr. Market Manager at Mitchell 1, and is responsible for product and market management of the Repair Information product line. Most recently he managed the release of ProDemand™, the industry-leading repair, diagnostic and maintenance information system.