It’s Time to Prepare for ADAS

ADAS Features What was once only reserved for low volume, high-end vehicles is quickly and largely being integrated into mass-produced low and mid-level vehicles. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, or ADAS for short, is an industry term used to group together the new technology features that are being implemented in vehicles to increase car and driver safety; technology items such as back-up cameras and sensors, automatic parking, adaptive headlights and more.

Just as all vehicles do, when they need service or repair they will be brought into your shop. But even something as simple as an alignment can require complicated calibrations and adjustments due to these new ADAS features. At Mitchell 1 we’ve compiled a collection of great reads and listens that can help explain why integrating ADAS into your shop’s future plans is the way to go.

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Listen in as our own Ben Johnson, Director of Product Management at Mitchell 1 joins Motor Age Magazine to discuss the future of ADAS in the repair shop. Click the link to watch:

Get Ready to Repair ADAS-Equipped Vehicles


ADAS is an industry-invented category that includes all those things that help keep vehicles safe on the road. While the category may be new, the features it represents are not. Whether you’re an early adopter or taking a more passive wait-and-see posture, you’re going to be affected. Get a head start on the competition and learn more about what Mitchell 1 can offer your shop here:

Shops That Invest to Prepare for ADAS Will Reap Its Rewards


ADAS – Advanced Driver Assistance Systems – ever heard of it? If you haven’t, you’re not alone. ADAS features have been slowly creeping into the vehicles on our roadways since 2009, which now puts those early entrants in the middle of the “aftermarket sweet spot” – those cars are coming into your bays today. Shops need to learn how to repair these ADAS-equipped vehicles before they get left behind in the dust. Read more here:

ADAS is Here to Stay and Shops Need to be Aware of Systems and Proper Calibrations


When it comes to ADAS, it is necessary to fully understand how the systems work and how they interact with other vehicle systems. Additionally, there are other components and systems within the vehicle that may affect ADAS functionality if repairs are done without completing an ADAS calibration. Read about how Mitchell 1’s ProDemand can help your shop avoid those calibration mistakes.


ADAS, Its Not Just for Collision Shops!


Still not convinced that your shop should be dealing with ADAS-equipped vehicles? As ADAS features become more and more standard on newer model vehicles, so too will your customers’. See what Mitchell 1’s ProDemand can offer your shop with regards to being prepared for those upcoming vehicles.

What Shops Need to Know About the Impact of ADAS on Maintenance an Basic Repairs


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