• What’s new in TruckSeries? VMRS!

    Mitchell 1 has added  Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards (VMRS) to its TruckSeries suite of truck repair software solutions for Class 4-8 trucks.


  • Avoid the Pitfalls of Automatic Transmission Fluid Levels

    Checking the fluid level in a manual transmission is typically a fairly straightforward process: remove the fill plug, stick your finger in and see how near the fluid level is to the bottom of the fill hole. But what about those times when its not so “straight forward”? Well fear not as Mitchell 1’s TruckSeries is there to help keep your fleet of trucks on the road! Learn how here.

  • Featured TSB: Wet Ford Fusion?

    Mitchell 1 provides TPMS information to Auto Service Professional, an online edition of Auto Service Professional magazine, which fulfills a critical role in the automotive aftermarket by providing technical information to independent repair facilities and new car dealer service departments. We’re sharing this content in our blog, with a link to the Auto Service Professional website where you can read the article in full. Enjoy!

  • TruckSeries Introduces ADAS QuickLink

    The new ADAS QuickLink navigates you to a list of components in the ADAS system, presenting a consolidated view of the component/system names, jobs that may require calibration, special tools needed, or if a scan tool is required.

  • Featured TPMS Tip: 2011-2017 Kia Sorento

    Tire Pressure in Cold weather specificationsMitchell 1 provides TPMS information to Modern Tire Dealer, an award-winning publication that writes editorial content geared to independent tire dealers. We’re sharing this content in our blog, with a link to the Modern Tire Dealer website where you can read the article in full. The TPMS information in this article may also be accessed in either the TPMS or the reset procedures quick link in our ProDemand® auto repair information software, along with other important reset procedure data for the selected vehicle.


  • Looking for Pre-1960s Vintage Information?

    Looking for pre-1960s auto repair information? Mitchell 1 has a library of printed service manuals dating back to the start of the automotive industry. Here’s how you get access to that information