How Google Ads Can Help Your Auto Repair Business Grow

The idea of running a Google Ads campaign can be an overwhelming challenge for those just getting started. There is so much to know: What do I set my budget to? What keywords should I be using? How do I write an effective ad? These are all common questions that can intimidate beginners.

Here in SocialCRM, we want to make the pay per click (PPC) world of Google Ads as easy as possible for our shop customers. You have other work to do, cars to fix and customers to service. We will take care of all that digital backend stuff for you!

Mitchell 1’s SocialCRM team is proud to be recognized as a Google Partner. We earned this partner badge by proving to Google that we have the ability and expertise to create and manage successful ad accounts. So you can have peace of mind knowing the SocialCRM team is focused on generating the leads you want!

Our Google Ads team will walk you through billing & budget set up, allowing you to choose your ad groups (the services you want to promote), then handling the ongoing maintenance and optimization from there.

The reporting built into your SocialCRM dashboard breaks down your spending, impressions, clicks, calls and even return on investment (ROI). This easy-to-read report updates frequently and allows you to see in a flash exactly how your ads are performing.

Using Google Ads Effectively 

Soon after we began offering this service out to our customers, we started to notice a trend. It was difficult for shops to choose their ad groups because they wanted to show up on ALL the searches!

We understand this mind set because more visibility is better, right?

It’s true that the more searches you show up on, the easier it is to get new business. However, what we want you to keep in mind is that your LocalSearch website has keywords built into it, so that your shop shows up on organic results for many different kinds of service. The key with ads is to ensure that everything is relevant to the actual search being done.

The word “relevant” is important here. You want your keywords to match your ad text, which in turn matches your website landing page. It creates a seamless transition that gives the consumer exactly the results they need.

Here’s an example:

  • A consumer searches for “AC recharge near me.”
  • The keyword we have on the list is: “AC repair near me.” An A/C Recharge ad is selected to show within the top results.
  • When clicked, that ad takes the consumer to a landing page describing all the A/C services the shop offers, as well as a coupon for 10% off the service.

This is the type of ad flow Google is looking for! When using ads, you want to target a specific service or product because this allows us to build the most effective, relevant keyword list, convert clicks to calls and ultimately turn calls into revenue for your shop.

Google Ads Campaign Flow

Google Ads Campaign Flow (click to expand image)

Another trend we noticed as we began our follow up with our Google Ads customers is that calls were not always being converted into an appointment. Phone calls are one of the major ways that Google Ads brings new business to your shop, so we want you to get the most value from them.

With the SocialCRM service, all calls from ads are tracked, recorded and made available in your SocialCRM dashboard. You can see how a particular customer found you and listen to that interaction at any time.

When consumers search for a service such as an oil change, for example, they can get inundated with so many options. Unfortunately, many decide to just call the first number they see without looking too closely at the business name. Let’s say that a consumer thought they were calling a “big chain” store, and the employee who answers the phone at the shop informs the consumer that they are not that chain.

When that happens, don’t let that consumer hang up and call someone else! Instead, ask what that consumer needs, let them know that you provide that service and see if they would like to make an appointment. Make the connection that brings them into your shop. Every call is an opportunity to have a lifelong consumer. Isn’t that the goal after all?

Our Google Ads specialists are here to walk you through the entire set-up process, answer any questions you have and offer feedback after your ads are up and running.

Don’t let the pay per click (PPC) world get you down! SocialCRM can make it simple and help you bring in new business.

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