Convert That to What?

Convert That to What?

Ever need to convert Newton Meters to Foot Pounds quickly? How about Cubic Centimeters to Liters?

Did you know that the ProDemand and TruckLabor products have a tool that can satisfy all your conversion needs? There’s no need to leave the product or use search engines to find conversion tools from somewhat questionable sites. This is just one small tool that can save you time – but it sometimes gets missed.

It’s easy to find and use. Just click the Tools dropdown menu in the top right of the screen and select Calculator. This tool can convert values for area, length, pressure, temperature, torque/work, volume, and weight. There you have it, the only place you need to go for any value that you need to convert.

Select Calculator from the Settings drop-down menu.

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Abagail Lucero

Abagail Lucero is the Product Marketing Manager for ProDemand. She joined the company in 2011 as a member of the SocialCRM shop marketing team and has served in many roles at Mitchell1, lastly as Security and Compliance Supervisor. Abagail holds a Bachelor of Science degree from California University of Pennsylvania.