Go Mobile with the ProSpect Vehicle Inspection App!

One of your regular customers pulls into your service lane. You grab your tablet and head for the door. Imagine the look on your customer’s face when you smile and tell him, “Hi Bill, I’m going to get you checked in right here.”

The customer, taken aback at this, asks “How are you going to do that?” Then you show him your tablet running with the ProSpect app that is talking to the Manager SE shop management system in the office. “Not only can I inspect your car and note the condition of service items, but I can also include photos of any findings we might need to discuss with you.”

ProSpect is an affordable digital vehicle inspection application that is seamlessly integrated with your Manager™ SE shop management system. This mobile car inspection app supplements Manager SE with the ability to greet customers at the vehicle, begin the inspection and save the data for future reference.

Here are some highlights of how ProSpect can speed up your vehicle check-in and inspection processes — and help you work more efficiently:

  • Quickly ID vehicles using VIN decode or Plate-to-VIN lookup
  • Works on Android or Apple iOS mobile devices
  • Perform customized multi-point inspections (MPIs) – including tires
  • Document vehicle inspection findings with photos & tech notes
  • Apply Manager SE canned jobs to address vehicle issues found
  • Get faster approval of additional work needed on the vehicle

ProSpect is an add-on to the Manager SE system. You may connect as many mobile devices as you like, and there is no set-up fee. This may be the right-sized digital vehicle inspection option you’ve been waiting for to take your shop to the next level of efficiency and impress more customers like Bill!

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Tim McDonnell

Tim McDonnell first joined Mitchell 1 in 1985 and is a senior product marketing manager for Manager SE. He has experience with various Mitchell 1 products and is the company’s primary media developer for product training assets and a subject matter expert in shop management software and other Mitchell 1 products. He also served as the Vice-Chair of the AMI Board of Trustees from 2009-2015. He is also the “voice of Mitchell 1” – you’ll hear him on the recorded message when you call the Mitchell 1 office.