• Latest Update: Enhanced Vehicle Selector Based on Year/Make/Model

    Latest Update: Enhanced Vehicle Selector Based on Year/Make/Model   Now with VIN decoder – Click here for details. ProDemand now includes an enhanced Vehicle Selector based on year/make/model that allows a deeper dive into vehicle attributes. When you start any look-up, year is now the first item presented, followed by make, model and engine. As […]

  • Now Available: Estimator integrated into ProDemand

    Now Available: Estimator integrated into ProDemand You asked for it, and we’re delivering: Estimator is now embedded right inside ProDemand. You’ll find it displayed on the main menu when you enter the application. This integration streamlines your workflow, making it even quicker to create your estimates. And we didn’t stop there. We’ve added a number […]

  • ProDemand Update – Codes, Components, and Live Tips

    ProDemand Update – Codes, Components, and Live Tips The first improvement you will notice is that two ProDemand modules have new names, Codes and Components. Once you dig into the procedures, you’ll then notice our thousands of Live Tips and real-world fixes alongside the OEM content. The full list of new features includes: Live Tips: ProDemand […]

  • ProDemand Update: TSBs Made Easier

    ProDemand Update: TSBs Made Easier You can now filter TSBs based on category, greatly narrowing the amount of information you need to sort through to find a TSB. Click on the “Technical Service Bulletin” heading in the Service Manual, and you will notice the TSBs arranged by system such as HVAC or Brakes. Don’t forget […]

  • ProDemand Update – 7/2/2012

    ProDemand Update – 7/2/2012 Now Available: ProDemand Blog At Mitchell 1, we think it is important to keep you up to date with the latest product and industry news. We’re introducing our ProDemand Blog, available on the bottom of the screen The blog will be our way to keep you informed of enhancements for ProDemand […]

  • ProDemand Update – 6/14/2012

    ProDemand Update – 6/14/2012 Now Available: Top Lookups With this update, ProDemand now includes the Top Lookups for each vehicle. The new feature will save you time by providing shortcuts to the information you are most likely to need. ProDemand will display up to 10 of the top components per vehicle, specific to each year-make-model […]

  • ProDemand Update – 3/6/2012

    ProDemand Update – 3/6/2012 Odometer reading entry not forced on users. Users must now choose to select the Odometer entry. Correctly Qualifying vehicle options For example, when a 1.8L engine is selected, do not show the 2.0L information Reset Procedures in the Maintenance Module are correctly qualified For transmissions, always ask for transmission type instead […]

  • ProDemand Update – 2/16/2012

    ProDemand Update – 2/16/2012 Improvements to wiring diagrams More viewing area for wiring diagrams when enlarged Improvements to general graphics and diagrams Added the ability to zoom & pan when graphics are enlarged Added Wiring Diagrams in Diagnostics section Will display black and white versions when SVG viewer is not installed Print preview graphics are […]