ProDemand Update – 2/16/2012

ProDemand Update – 2/16/2012

  • Improvements to wiring diagrams
    • More viewing area for wiring diagrams when enlarged
  • Improvements to general graphics and diagrams
    • Added the ability to zoom & pan when graphics are enlarged
  • Added Wiring Diagrams in Diagnostics section
    • Will display black and white versions when SVG viewer is not installed
  • Print preview graphics are no longer too small
  • Improvements to drawer in Maintenance section
    • Drawer will keep your selections when returning to the Intervals tab
  • Diagnostic code lookups
    • Corrected several lookup issues that will improve code lookups
    • The size of the drawer in the Diagnostic module is now bigger to better match other parts of the application
  • Improved behavior with back, forward and refresh buttons
    • ProDemand will warn you if you are about to lose your current view
  • Fluids and Tire Fitment data are now both available in the Service Manual as Quick Links
  • Added a helpful description when hovering over the “Back to top” button
  • Fixed various issues in expanding/collapsing content in Service Manual and Diagnostics sections
  • Fixed the order of information when following a link (improved table of contents at the top of the window and fixed the order of information)
  • Fixed the remember me functionality
  • Improved the handling of vehicle options when switching between modules
  • New training video on the home page
  • Added new ability to print an article from the Service Manual
  • Added the ability to use the enter key in Diagnostics and Repair sections
  • Fixed some internal links in TSBs

Click here for the ProDemand update archive.

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