Now Available: Estimator integrated into ProDemand

Now Available: Estimator integrated into ProDemand

You asked for it, and we’re delivering: Estimator is now embedded right inside ProDemand. You’ll find it displayed on the main menu when you enter the application. This integration streamlines your workflow, making it even quicker to create your estimates. And we didn’t stop there. We’ve added a number of new features — like enhanced editing capabilities — that will improve your workflow and give you more control over your estimates. Now it’s easier than ever to write the estimate accurately the first time — imagine how that can save you time!

New features in this update include:

  • Improved Workflow: The Estimator module is now embedded directly in the application — no need to click away from the page to complete the estimate.
  • Enhanced Editing: You have more freedom to edit your estimate lines. You can customize the estimate by editing labor times, adding parts manually, adding or deleting lines, and moving lines in the estimate to group items together.
  • More Capacity: You can now save up to 200 estimates, giving you expanded visibility into your estimate history.
  • Organization: More advanced sorting capability makes searching saved estimates easier and more intuitive.
  • Fluids: You can include fluids in the estimate: simply add a line for the fluid and enter a price; tax is calculated for you, and the estimate total displays the fluids with tax included.
  • Better Printing: The enhanced print function allows you to suppress selected fields (like part numbers and labor hours) to customize the printout you show the vehicle owner.
  • Expanded Browsers: With ProDemand, Estimator works in more Internet browsers, including Chrome and Firefox.

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Nick Taylor

Nick Taylor is the SureTrack Community Administrator and a Senior Applications Specialist at Mitchell 1 with over 25 years of experience with electronic repair data systems. Nick previously worked in the automotive dismantling and engine rebuilding industries.