Important Update: Quick Estimating Lookup Added

Important Update: Quick Estimating Lookup Added

In response to customer feedback, we’ve streamlined the navigation and improved the user experience with the Estimator module in ProDemand™.

In particular, you’ll notice changes to these functions in the redesigned Estimating module:

  • Easier to perform a Quick Lookup
  • Users go straight to a labor or OEM part lookup without creating a quote
  • On-page visibility of items added to worksheet
  • On-page visibility of running sub-totals 
  • Easy navigation between Estimator Module and Quote Module
  • Quote now prompts the user to “Save” prior to navigating away from page

The Estimator module is now split from the Quote module, allowing users to navigate faster to either data set. So, if all you want to do is look up a labor time, you can do that quickly without having to fill out a quote.


About the Author

Nick Taylor

Nick Taylor is the SureTrack Community Administrator and a Senior Applications Specialist at Mitchell 1 with over 25 years of experience with electronic repair data systems. Nick previously worked in the automotive dismantling and engine rebuilding industries.