What Is LocalSeach & How Can It Help My Auto Repair Business?

LocalSearch, Auto Repair Shop Marketing

Boost Your Online Presence and Google Rating with SocialCRM’s Premium Services

Picture this: Your auto shop showcases a top-ranking Google business page that dominates search results, leading potential customers straight to your professional website where they can easily schedule appointments. Post-repair, automation helps you seamlessly manage email review requests, craft personalized, tailored responses and share positive feedback on social media—all managed effortlessly from one centralized dashboard.

That’s the power of SocialCRM’s premium LocalSearch shop marketing program. With LocalSearch, we’re not just helping you build a digital storefront; we’re helping you boost your Google search results, get more 5-star reviews, and drive more business to your shop.

In addition to a slick website, you’ll get exclusive access to our new Google Optimization Suite, a powerhouse of digital tools that supercharge your online presence. And the best part? At a comparatively low price point, you’ll get all this and more – and see HUGE  returns on your investment.

At its core, our full-service SocialCRM program is all about helping your business grow through powerful reputation and customer engagement tools. It includes SureCritic™ verified customer reviews, automated text and email communications, marketing text campaigns and social media management.

Get Started with a Professional Website to Shine Online

Ready to take your online presence to the next level? A professionally-designed, search-optimized website is your ticket to success. It’s the cornerstone of effective marketing in today’s competitive online marketplace, and perhaps one of the most important tools you have to acquire new customers and retain the ones you have.

That’s where LocalSearch comes in, making it easier than ever to shine online. Our skilled web design team will create a website tailored to your business, complete with appointment request features, personalized content, automated blog updates, and more. Plus, you’ll have access to valuable insights into customer behavior to maximize your ROI.

Boost Your Online Presence with Google Tools

Let’s talk Google. Our exclusive Google Optimization Suite will help skyrocket your shop’s visibility in local search results, driving more business to your shop. You can effortlessly engage with customers, and automatically create and share content in real-time to your Google Business page and social channels – all through a centralized dashboard.

From managing reviews to creating targeted campaigns, we’ve got the tools to make Google work for you.

Interested in kicking things up a notch? Consider our LocalSearch + Google Ads program for even greater reach and impact. With custom ad creation, budget management, demographic targeting, and comprehensive reporting, we’ll help you zero in on your ideal audience.

Seamless Integration with Shop Management System

Even more, SocialCRM is tightly integrated with our Manager SE shop management system, which further enhances customer interactions and communications. For example, whenever you enter new customer or vehicle information in your Manager SE system, we’ll automatically send service reminders, recommendations and verified review collection emails on your shop’s behalf.

Our integrated data collection from Manager SE handles these communications automatically, based on the information entered. We’ll even provide in-depth reporting that grants you access to reference phone calls made to your shop, with the added perk of identifying calls from new customers.

We do the heavy lifting for you. Everything is seamlessly integrated; all you need to do is keep information updated in your Manager SE database. So just sit back while we work our magic, boosting your online visibility to attract more customers and help grow your business.

LocalSearch Reporting:

Marketing Services Complete with Specialized Support

As an extra bonus, you’ll receive personalized support from a marketing specialist dedicated to your shop! Our goal is to help you achieve yours. With Mitchell 1’s talented team of marketing experts, we’ll get you up and running to reach your greatest shop goals through full online visibility! When customers can find you easily, your selling and marketing opportunities will expand, ultimately increasing your bottom line.

Sign up with us today and see how LocalSearch can grow your business automatically!



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