How Mitchell 1’s Review Collection Process Benefits Your Shop

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It’s clear to any business owner that customer reviews are an essential part of your company’s success. However, what they don’t tell you right off the bat are the ins and outs of how to make your online reputation truly stick out among the thousands of other automotive repair shops.

Here’s the big secret to jumpstart your success . Having shop reviews across multiple platforms can benefit your shop more than solely relying on Google reviews. That’s because Google uses ALL your customer reviews across the internet to determine your shop’s ranking on the Google search engine.

Leverage SureCritic Reviews to Boost Google Ranking

SureCritic™ reviews are known to have more significance on your Google rankings. Other review platforms, including Google, will likely have several negative reviews that were not left by your customers but by internet trolls. But with Mitchell 1’s SocialCRM shop marketing services, we will also solicit your Google reviews for quality assurance automatically in two ways:

  1. Mitchell 1 collects the data of SureCritic reviews by only sending review requests to customers who have closed an invoice at your shop.
  2. Mitchell 1 only sends Google review requests from 4 or 5-star reviews on SureCritic.

This guarantees almost all of your SureCritic reviews will be from actual verified customers.

Ensuring Quality Customer Reviews

Shops can ensure the reviews left by customers who give a lower score or star rating on SureCritic will not get a Google review request. SureCritic will provide shops enrolled in our Local Search program with the opportunity to request a ReScore for any low-scoring SureCritic or Google review. Mitchell 1 is the ONLY company that has the ability to allow shop customers to submit a ReScore on their Google Reviews.

We proactively request SureCritic and Google reviews from the shop’s customers low-score reviews on SureCritic can be easily appealed, and if they meet the appeal guidelines, they will be removed from the shop’s business review page within a few days and will not be visible to the public. However, the appeal process through Google is extremely difficult to figure out. It can take weeks or even months to receive a decision, and in most cases, the review will not be removed from the Google review page.

On the flip side, when other marketing companies only solicit Google reviews for your shop, there’s an increased risk of accumulating more negative reviews on Google. Additionally, fewer customers may be able to leave reviews, because these marketing companies focus only on collecting reviews via Google-centric search browsers.

It’s important to know that only customers with a Google account can leave Google reviews (i.e., Gmail, Drive, Docs). This could prevent the shop’s non-Google customers from being able to leave a verified review. So even if a shop’s customer wants to leave a glowing review for the shop, if they do not have a Google account, they cannot leave a Google review unless they go through the process of first setting up a Google account.

However, if a customer leaves a SureCritic review but does not have a Google account to leave a Google review, the SureCritic verified review will always be on the internet to help the shop’s reputation and Google rankings.

Additionally, if one of our shops is determined to specifically want more Google reviews, we can place a helpful hyperlink on our shop’s Thank You emails. This will redirect the customers directly to your Google page to leave a review if they have a Google account.

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