• Engine Control Connector End Views

    A lot of what we diagnose these days involves a vehicle having symptoms and a DTC or a Diagnostic Trouble Code. However, occasionally a truck will come into a shop with symptoms and no DTC thus requiring the technician to pop open the hood and figure out what could be wrong. Mitchell 1’s TruckSeries truck repair software complete with 1Search PLUS allows you to search for DTCs, component service information, symptoms and more for the vehicle you are trying to diagnose

  • Dirty, Greasy Fifth Wheel?

    Dirty, Greasy Fifth Wheel? Did you know that the layer of thick, dirty grease on your fifth wheel is an invitation for trouble? All fifth wheels require regular maintenance for optimum performance and safety. Thick, dirty, old grease can be extremely abrasive and may interfere with the correct operation of the fifth wheel’s lock mechanism, leading […]

  • Adjusting Component Quantity in TruckLabor Operations

    Tips & Tricks: Adjusting Component Quantity in TruckLabor Operations Do you need to change the number of components for an operation in TruckLabor? It’s easy to do! Follow the step-by-step instructions below – and click the images to get the full view of the thumbnail. 1. Create or open an estimate and select the “View Quote” Button to […]

  • "Nernst” – Say What?

    “Nernst” – Say What? Does your truck have a “Nernst” sensor — or just need a tissue? Despite the funny sounding word, chances are that your truck does have a Nernst sensor. No tissue required! Some manufacturers use this term to refer to an oxygen sensor. You may have also heard the term “Lambda” sensor. This is […]