Adjusting Component Quantity in TruckLabor Operations

Tips & Tricks: Adjusting Component Quantity in TruckLabor Operations

Do you need to change the number of components for an operation in TruckLabor? It’s easy to do! Follow the step-by-step instructions below – and click the images to get the full view of the thumbnail.

1. Create or open an estimate and select the “View Quote” Button to view the Quote.

2. Next, copy the operation line by hovering the mouse over the operation you want to copy. You will see a copy button appear to the left of the operation (see below). Click this button to copy the line.

3. To delete a line, hover the mouse over the desired operation, a delete button will appear on the right of the desired operation (see below). Click the delete button to delete the selected operation.

4. You can undo a delete by clicking on “Undo Delete Row” at the top of the Quote Grid (see below).

5. If you do not want to add additional lines to an invoice, another way to increase the number of components and hours in an operation is to select the operation, select the text in the description and hours text boxes of the selected operation and change as required to reflect the increased or decreased components in the description, and time in the hours text box. The estimate will automatically adjust costs to reflect the new hours entered.


6. When you return to the labor guide by clicking the “View Labor Guide” button, all the changes made are carried over for the operations that were changed.

TruckLabor gives you multiple ways to edit and or change operations data!


About the Author

Sam Wallace

Sam Wallace joined the Commercial Vehicle Group at Mitchell 1 in 2011 and is an associate editor for the TruckLabor product. He is ASE certified in automotive and medium/heavy truck and previously worked as both a technician and assistant manager at a repair shop. Sam holds associate degrees in automotive technology and general studies from Southwestern Community College.