Dirty, Greasy Fifth Wheel?

Dirty, Greasy Fifth Wheel?

Did you know that the layer of thick, dirty grease on your fifth wheel is an invitation for trouble?

All fifth wheels require regular maintenance for optimum performance and safety. Thick, dirty, old grease can be extremely abrasive and may interfere with the correct operation of the fifth wheel’s lock mechanism, leading to a possible disaster.

Set up a regular schedule to inspect, clean, lubricate and adjust your fifth wheel. While cleaning your fifth wheel, inspect and torque all mounting fasteners. Also check for any excessive rust or corrosion, and perform repairs as recommended by the manufacturer.

If you operate your vehicle in a cold climate, your fifth wheel’s manufacturer may suggest a special lubricant to accommodate low temperatures. Some of the newer No-Lube or Lo-Lube fifth wheels have unique maintenance and lubrication requirements.

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