Engine Control Connector End Views

A lot of what we diagnose these days involves a vehicle having symptoms and a DTC or a Diagnostic Trouble Code. However, occasionally a truck will come into a shop with symptoms and no DTC thus requiring the technician to pop open the hood and figure out what could be wrong.

Mitchell 1’s TruckSeries truck repair software complete with 1Search PLUS allows you to search for DTCs, component service information, symptoms and more for the vehicle you are trying to diagnose. It helps by supplying valuable information to the technician at critical steps in a service procedure or diagnosis.  One great feature available with 1Search PLUS, is the ability to view all of the engine performance connector end views for an engine system you are working on. This really helps when there are no specific DTC’s to begin with.

After selecting the appropriate system in the 1Search PLUS module, type “Engine Controls” into the search field and select enter. Then from the “SEARCH RESULTS FOR ENGINE CONTROLS” select “engine controls”. Next, select the “Component Connector card” and choose the accordion with the title “Engine Controls”. You will see an alphabetized list of all the engine performance related connectors for the vehicle.

With TruckSeries truck repair software you can also find component Location Views for the system you are working on. Just follow the same steps as you would for the Component Connector and instead select the Component Location card. Then choose the accordion with the title “Engine Controls” and you will once again see all of the Engine Control Component locations. Having this functionality through TruckSeries 1Search PLUS gives the technician further confidence that they can correctly identify and diagnose components to correct any vehicles issue.

About the Author

David Price

David has over 20 years’ experience in automotive and heavy truck diagnostics. He studied automotive technology at Cuyamaca College and California Institute of Automotive Technology and has obtained L1, A6, A8 ASE certifications, along with a smog license. He joined the Mitchell 1 commercial vehicle editorial group in 2016 as part of the RepairConnect product team.