• It’s Time for Truck Tech Skills Testing!

    SuperTech_NoDateTruck service professionals around the U.S. are busy practicing their skills and prepping for the annual state technician skills competitions that lead up to the national SuperTech competition in the fall. Here’s the lineup of state competitions for the year where Mitchell 1 will be hosting the information skills testing!

  • Electrical Gremlins

    Gremlins_featuredThe term “gremlin” dates from World War II when it referred to mythical creatures that caused mechanical or electrical faults in airplanes or machinery. Their modern equivalent lives on in car and truck electrical systems.

  • Keeping Up With Trucking Technologies

    TruckTechnology_featuredSome of the most innovative technologies are being introduced in the commercial trucking industry, and they will surely have big impacts on fleet operations, as well as the truck service professionals and technicians charged with maintaining and repairing these hi-tech vehicles.

  • Tank Considerations for Alternative Fuels

    NaturalGas_CNG-Tank_FeaturedOver time, and especially the past 15 years, natural gas has seen an enthusiastic reception into fleets around the globe and helped to ease the rising cost of oil. But the components for these fuels have different requirements than components on gas or diesel fueled trucks.

  • Great Tools for Circuit Diagnosis

    CircuitDiagnosis_FeaturedDo you need to diagnose a specific circuit due to a fault code on your truck? The “Trouble Code Repair” module in Mitchell 1’s TruckSeries product provides great tools to help identify fault code component circuits and connector views to assist in your diagnostics.

  • Increase Turbocharger Efficiency Through Proper Maintenance

    Turbocharger_featuredTurbochargers are an important component on today’s commercial vehicle diesel engines and are engineered to provide optimal performance throughout the engine operating range. Keeping the turbocharger and associated systems well maintained can have a big impact on overall vehicle efficiency.

  • Looking for 2015 Model Truck Info? It’s Here!

    2015_featuredWe’re very pleased to let you know that thousands of diagnostic and repair articles are now available for 2015 model year trucks and school buses in TruckSeries, Mitchell 1’s all-inclusive  resource for service information for Class 4-8 vehicles.

  • Achieve Optimum Powertrain Performance

    ECU-Communication_FeaturedThe Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established standards to reduce fuel consumption and Green House Gas (GHG) emissions for the heavy duty trucking industry. These new standards have resulted in manufacturers developing every aspect of a truck’s powertrain to achieve optimum fuel efficiency.