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TruckTechnologyIt’s hard to keep up with all the technologies flooding the automotive and trucking industries today. Some of the most innovative technologies are being introduced in the commercial trucking industry, and they will surely have big impacts on fleet operations, as well as the truck service professionals and technicians charged with maintaining and repairing these hi-tech vehicles.

We ran across a great article in Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine (HDT) that rounds up some of the latest trends to hit the trucking industry. This is great information to know, so we’re sharing tidbits here, with a link to the original article by author Denise Rondini, an aftermarket editor for HDT.

Here’s a glimpse into insights about seven major technologies impacting the trucking aftermarket that were shared at the recent Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week event in Las Vegas:

  1. Telematics
    This is the fastest growing technology sector, with an explosion of apps available and too many suppliers to name. Telematics is an enabler of other technologies.
  1. Safety Technology
    There are eight major safety technologies in use or under development in the trucking industry: antilock braking systems, stability control, lane departure warning, collision avoidance systems, blind spot warning devices, interior cameras, rear view cameras and side monitor cameras and sensors.
  1. Platooning
    Autonomous trucks won’t be here for the next 10 years, but it’s predicted that platooning will be operational in the next two years.
  1. Augmented Reality
    This sounds like science fiction, but it’s for real: “Glasses that will allow the driver to ‘see through’ cab exteriors and also provide technicians with guided repair procedures that will increase the accuracy of first repairs.”
  1. Fuel Efficiency
    Aerodynamic improvements to both the tractor and trailer will result in fuel efficiency improvements. A 25% reduction in drag could generate between a 5% and 15% reduction in fuel consumption.
  1. Powertrain
    The big trends in the powertrain are downsized or downsped engines, alternative fuels and electrification, automated manual transmissions and the increased use of 6×2 axles.
  1. Embedded Software
    “Embedded software will change the way we sell parts and service vehicles.”

For all the details on these fascinating trends, read the full article: 7 Technologies That Will Affect Trucking and the Aftermarket

Source: Heavy Duty Trucking



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