New ‘Reactions’ on Facebook Give You New Insights

This week, Facebook enhanced their “Like” feature by adding more emotionally targeted options called Reactions. Those options are similar to emojis and can add a colorful and emotionally driven response to any Facebook post.

Reactions will not only tell you what Facebook content your consumers “like,” but they will also give some insight into their other feelings. You’ll know what makes them mad, sad or excited. And that insight allows you to adjust what you post (and do not post) on your page.

FB Reactions

Reactions can be used with your SocialCRM weekly content and your shared SureCritic customer reviews as well. For instance, let’s say you share a review to your page. Now your followers will not only be able to agree with the review by giving it a thumbs-up,  but they can also add a “love” or a “wow” Reaction. In addition to giving you valuable feedback, this also gives your followers a fresh way to interact with your post while sharing your brand with their fellow Facebook friends.

To see the new Reactions on Facebook, hold down the Like button on mobile or hover your cursor over the Like icon on a desktop and the new emojis will pop up.

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