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Best of the 2015 SocialCRM Blog

The SocialCRM team is always working hard to find new and innovative ways to help our auto repair shop customers grow their businesses. In 2015, we introduced many product features and enhancements, with a focus on helping our shop owners understand the importance of showing gratitude and saying thank you to their consumers.

Features such as thank-you emails, consumer review opportunities and our integrated SocialCRM-Manager SE Dashboard Report play key roles in helping shops connect with customers so they have the opportunity to show gratitude, even if it’s just a simple “thanks for your business” message.

Before we get too far into 2016, let’s take a look back at some of the blog posts in 2015 that followed this important theme of connecting and showing gratitude (click the headlines below to read the full blog posts):

EmailEnvelope_featuredWish You Had More Customer Email Addresses?
It’s no secret that email has taken the marketing world by storm as one of the most efficient ways to reach customers. Tips from the SocialCRM team on how to build up your customer email database.


TrustTechician_featuredBuilding Customer Trust Can Be Easier Than You Think
Tips for accelerating the process of building trust with your customers so they will not only buy more services, but also share your business with their social network.


JumpingGoldfish_featuredWhy Customers Leave – And What You Can Do About It
Over 90 percent of the reasons why customers leave are potentially within the business owner’s control. That’s opportunity for improvement and growth!


CustomerWOW_featuredHow to Wow Your Customers – Every Time
Here are a few of the stories and ideas contributed by our readers that will help auto repair business owners wow your customers every time they visit your shop.



Winner of the ‘Customer Wow’ Contest Treats Customers Like Family
Might sound corny, but this auto repair shop has had remarkable success simply by making their customers feel right at home — like a member of the family.


The SocialCRM team helped a lot of shops improve their marketing and customer engagement efforts in 2015 and more great stuff is to come in 2016, so stay tuned!

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Marcus Mackell is the Director of Mitchell 1's SocialCRM shop marketing product line. He joined the company in 2003 and has been in the automotive social media & retention business for over 17 years.